Revisiting Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Gamerheadquarters; "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was a shooter that felt tactical, slightly futuristic and was a blast when played cooperatively."

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FallenAngel19841182d ago

This is the only game in the franchise that I’ve played

skycaptin51182d ago

I heard the latest entry Wildlands was solid, the Advanced games were enjoyable and the free to play that no longer exists was alright from what I remember.

Zjet1182d ago

Future Soldier is damn good.

Advanced were also great.

Wildlands is really good.... It's like Open World SOCOM

PUBG1182d ago

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm on PS2 and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder on Xbox were also awesome games.

2pacalypsenow1182d ago

You should really give Advanced Warfighter 1/2 a try.

TheColbertinator1182d ago

Ghost Recon has gone in all kinds of directions but I've enjoyed them all

icerob1181d ago

I have been waiting forever fór GRAW2.. please please please!!!

Elwenil1181d ago

You are a bit late, GRAW2 came out in 2007.

COZMIC1181d ago

I loved this game back in the day. Played multiplayer a lot with my friends. Only complaint I really had was how overpowered the auto turret was in multiplayer. Good times.