3 more arrivals hit Xbox One via Xbox Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes: "Once again, the Xbox Backwards Compatible library is expanding and with 2018 already proving to be a great year for the program, even in these early months, new titles can only be a good thing right? With that in mind, let’s jump into this week’s additions to see which Xbox 360 titles have hit Xbox One and whether or not they are worth spending time with once more."

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TheOttomatic911190d ago

Still waiting on Splinter Cell Blacklist

LucasRuinedChildhood1190d ago

Badass game. Way better than Conviction. Cool split screen co-op too.

mikeslemonade1189d ago

Are they worth the return? No.

BC not needed.

Grown Folks Talk1189d ago

The entire series please. Either a X enhanced Chaos Theory, or a remastered Chaos Theory in the Blacklist engine will do.

ULTp0ltergeist1189d ago

Wouldn't mind it at all especially with some enhancements.

chris2351190d ago

no. no backward compatible game is worth anything. i looked at playstation now the other day because finally it‘s available in switzerland. but the only thing that emerged by browsing the old unaltered titles were question marks. it is beyond me who uses this service or prefers to play something very dated instead of playing the actual versions.

starsi3601190d ago

Not everything has to be about how up to date the graphics are.

There are many games from the 360/PS3 era that stand head and shoulders above their current iterations from a gameplay perspective.

Halo 3 campaign versus Halo 5 campaign for example. Halo 3 for me is a very enjoyable game, I found 5 to be bland an uninspired (the multiplayer was good though)

Gaming_1st1189d ago

I thought Halo 3 campaign was not very good. It had rehashed audio, terrible AI, irritating story telling, continued backtracking, very short and the list could go on. Between Halo Ce, Halo 2 and Halo 3. Halo 3 is by far the worst.

timotim1190d ago

And that's just it....every BC title for Xbox is altered in some way. Better performance, smoother visuals, can use system features like screenshots and video clips and even others are completely enhanced to look damn near current gen.

PS Now is actually worse than owning the games because it downgrades the visuals slightly, while its performance is always on a delay and has lag due to it streaming nature. Nothing about PS Now enhances the titles.

In terms of playing old games...well, a good game is a good game. Geometry Wars will forever be good, Zuma will forever be good, Ninja Gaiden will forever be good...the fact that I can play them on my X is a major plus. Look at all the people excited for Sega's Genesis Collection for X1/PS4. If I already bought game in the past, why shouldn't I be able to play it whenever I want?

fathertime44641190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I agree with ya, but just want to correct one part of what you said
The game code isn't touched for bc to work on Xbox . It running or looking better on the x is all because of the emulator programming and better hardware.

Wasabi1189d ago


"The game code isn't touched for bc to work on Xbox . It running or looking better on the x is all because of the emulator programming and better hardware"

I agree with ya, but just want to correct part of what you said,

In the case of several Xbox One X backwards compatibility titles

Assassin's Creed
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Fable Anniversary
Fallout 3
Forza Horizon
Gears of War 3
Halo 3
Mirror’s Edge
Skate 3
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The games have actually been tweaked to run at 4K on the X and/or at a higher framerate. MS actually altered the games code and assets on a per game basis to mark them out as Xbox One X enhanced BC titles, these games feature enhancements not provided solely by the emulator.

fathertime44641188d ago

MS didn't touch the game code on those games. It's a 9 time sampling algorithm specially designed by MS that takes every frame multiplies it by 9. Look it up. It's why not all games are why not all of the games are 4k.

NeoGamer2321190d ago

Not everyone thinks that only new games are worth playing.

A great game is not only based on its graphics but the quality of story, gameplay, controls, music, multiplayer, and environmental setting. There are many great games from previous generations that I would rate higher than most games released this generation.

This generation has been high on beauty but lacklustre on innovation. Especially innovation for single player games.

Pickledpepper1189d ago

I've been having a blast on dead space on my X played through 3 times to get all achievements, now playing dead space 2 on my 3rd run still think them games hold up against newer titles. Love BC addition well worth having.

1189d ago
Cy1189d ago

If no backward compatible game is worth anything, why do the sales of pretty much every game that gets put on BC massively increase after they get added?

OffRoadKing1189d ago

Not pretty much every, a handful of select titles like GTA, COD and RDR. And its easy to "massively increase" sales when they go from virtually nothing to some people buying them.

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Zerobalance1190d ago

As an Xbox gamer BC is fine. Been playing Just Cause 2 using my old 360 disc. Old games are history to real gamers. Also replayed RDR too. Never touch my PS now service to expensive & rubbish.

chaos-emeralds1190d ago

Old games are history to real gamers. Written by a casual. I've been gaming since the c64, and I love the old games still. The xbox 360 has some great classics worth revisiting.

NeoGamer2321190d ago

lol. I've been gaming since the Coleco Telstar, the Commodore 64 was my fourth gaming device!

Pickledpepper1189d ago

I've been gaming since atari 2600 woody and still have it now boxed, I still have every console I've ever owned and zx spectrum lol

PUBG1189d ago

Oh yeah? Well I've been gaming since the Texas Instruments TI-99.

Gaming_1st1189d ago

Some people have new games to worry about. Haven't played a old game in quite some time. Now maybe if i didn't have anything to play, i wouldn't mine checking out some old games i wasn't able to play.

LucasRuinedChildhood1190d ago

C'mon now. Stop with the clickbait. I don't have an XB1 myself but this is a really good feature and you don't need to ask "Are they worth the return" every time a few games get added. It's just clickbait. More games is never a problem unless they're atrocious. I've mentioned this point in the past. Unfortunately, these dumb articles are never going to stop.

Also, to PlayStation (my console of preference by far) fans who are doing this in the comments: stop attacking BC. It's one of the reasons the PS2 was such an incredible console. Every time a new console iteration comes out, we shouldn't lose access to all our old games if the old console dies. Consoles are digital platforms now. BC is awesome. End of. "Who wants to play old games?" If you said,"Who wants to watch old movies. I only watch new movies," you'd look like a moron.

Aenea1190d ago

It's a dedicated Xbox site doing this, not a generic gaming site, so rather doubtful they need to have clickbait headlines...

SlyBoogie19931190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

There's no clickbait here in the slightest, it's an opinion based on whether the games being made available are still of a good quality today. With so many games coming out all the time i'm pretty sure no one has the time to play all of them, these articles look at how well they hold up, offers an opinion on whether it was a good game that was worth playing to begin with or as you put it if they are atrocious and more importantly if it's worth taking time away from the extensive library of Xbox One titles that continue to be added to head back to a game you've probably played before, whilst offering an opinion to those who haven't played them and may wish to now on Xbox One. You wouldn't call a review clickbait and that's an opinion so how is this?

waljaber1189d ago

i got sick from playing 10 years old games, i need new IP.

timotim1190d ago

Had my GR disc from years ago. Still have more of the campaign left to finish...thanks X library is crazy.

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