What can Nintendo do to steal E3 again?

A look at what Nintendo could have up its sleeve for this year's E3.

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JaguarEvolved214d ago

Lol, when did Nintendo steal e3? This isn't a show taking place in the early 90s. I can't even tell the last time I saw Nintendo on the e3 stage because they haven't had anything to show other than 1 or 2 games while the other gaming companies have had a lot of games to show. Other than smash brothers and metroid I can't even think of anything the fanatics would be looking forward to because Nintendo would have met their quota of releasing the rinse and repeat games they usual release most gens. Probably a star fox title but I can't see them releasing another Mario or Zelda game for another 4 or 5 years.

showtimefolks214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

It's between Sony and Ms this E3. I think Nintendo needs a year or 2 before they can announce their big guns but they still will have few big games

Bayonetta 3

I think now more than last year Nintendo needs support from 3rd party publishers because a new zelda or mario isn't coming within next few years

TekoIie214d ago


"Lol, when did Nintendo steal e3?"

I know you joined this site after e3 2017 but they were seen as having the stronger show by most due to having the larger announcements despite expectations being low from their presentation being only 30 mins.

"Other than smash brothers and metroid I can't even think of anything the fanatics would be looking forward to"

Well then let's add Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Bayo3 to that shall we? So that's 5 high profile exclusives that we're hoping to see at e3 2018 and seeing as though the Switch has gotten pretty good 3rd party support I'll add that I'm looking forward to SMT, Octopath Traveller, Dragon Quest XI and Harvest Moon.

Also don't act like there aren't games we're expecting to get confirmed soon like Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing or a 2D Mario game.

Things are honestly looking good for Nintendo from a software perspective.

Tazzy214d ago

They won e3 a few years ago with one game and it was Zelda that stole the show and won it for them.

indysurfn214d ago

Your partially right Nintendo didn't STEAL E3 they won it fare and square.

FinalFantasyFanatic214d ago


At this point in time can we even call it a competition between those two? I don't mind Nintendo winning for once but I don't think that will happen this E3.

G3ng4r214d ago

Eh. In real life we already know about most of what's coming to ps4 for the rest of the year because sony announces games years before they come out. Barring a ps5 announcement I could see xbox taking it from sony if they are playing it smart and bought enough games to show off. Nintendo however needs only show people a couple of the bombs we know nothing about on switch to take it. Can't wait to see the salt come back like it's goty season.

marloc_x212d ago

Ninty's live tournaments are fun..

..but the tremendously long lineups to their booths can be a drag..😎

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jhoward585215d ago

If Nintendo could reveal a new 2D Metroid game by Retro studio at e3 2018 I would be very happy

thorstein215d ago

Fire Emblem (not Warriors) and a Pokemon game would kill at E3.

gangsta_red214d ago

I ran in here to say just that. I would so love a new 2D Metroid game.

Heelix214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I dunno
I'd rather the new Prime Entry
I'd love to play using Gyro + R stick combo like I do on Splatoon and Doom

gangsta_red214d ago

I was never a big Prime fan, but I do realize how popular the series is. I would not be mad at a new Prime but I wish Nintendo could provide two games, one 2D and the other a first person.

Segata214d ago

You just got a new 2D Metroid on 3DS last year.

jhoward585214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

You're right. But one thing I know about Nintendo is that they thrive on repeated successes. They normally like making games that have that has generated the most money(and success) for them in the past. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying Nintendo is going to reveal a new Metroid game at e3 2018. I'm saying that what ever new game they reveal at e3 it's most likely going to be a game we all have grown to love.

Automatic79215d ago

Purchased switch over the weekend. Love it. My Perfect E3 would be Luigi's Mansion, Metroid and reboot of Eternal Darkness. A surprise by Retro Studios would definitely be the icing on cake.

_-EDMIX-_214d ago

A good E3 for me would be them simply announcing Luigi's Mansion 3 , Animal Crossing, Paper Mario for the switch.

PhantomS42214d ago

Well Luigi's Mansion, unfortunately, isn't happening but I could see them showing off a gameplay trailer for Metroid Prime 4. Animal Crossing, Pikmin 4, or Pokemon would be more than welcome too.

_-EDMIX-_214d ago

I wouldn't completely rule out Luigi's Mansion consider the 3 DS got a sequel and also consider that a remaster is coming to the 3 DS so it's clear that Nintendo recognizes the series exist so who knows they might be gearing up for Luigi's Mansion 3.

wonderfulmonkeyman215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

They've already got a total of THREE big bombs they could drop, if they want to...

Extensive coverage of Smash, Pokemon Switch, AND Metroid Prime 4.
GAMEPLAY coverage.

Dedicate no less than 15 minutes of trailer footage and major details to each game, one game focused on per each of the three days of E3, during a Direct in the middle of each day, followed by extensive after-show gameplay coverage via Treehouse after each 15 minute [or more] reveal.

Even if the games are still in a Beta form, it would do WONDERS for them; that alongside any new game announcements on day 1 would clinch the win for Nintendo this year.

I know it won't happen that way, but Nintendo's surprised us before now, so maybe something else equally exciting might happen.*cough*BotW 2*cough*

ClanPsi1214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

They don't need to do a BotW 2, they just need to finish BotW 1. After beating Ganon it still doesn't even feel like the game has even begun because the story is pretty much nonexistent. Offering a full expansion to actually finish the game would be nice.

wonderfulmonkeyman213d ago

The only way I can see that working is if they, once again, revived the "alternate world" idea from so many other Zelda games.
I'd rather they make a Breath of the Wild 2, but have it function similarly to how Oracle of Ages and Seasons did.
Different lands, intertwined stories.

Benjaminkno214d ago

They’d better be able to deliver with their online service.

If they enable virtual console transfers, I’ll be happy.

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