GameShark: Spore Creatures Review

GameShark writes: "Although it has the word "Spore" in its title, don't be misled into thinking that Spore Creatures is just a smaller version of its PC big brother. This is an adventure game with a clear-cut, albeit simple, goal. Your pal Little Oogie is captured by a strange alien craft, and you must rescue him. Your mission takes you to several planets with various terrains ranging from lush jungles to frozen tundras and to burning deserts. These regions are populated by exotic wildlife, which will either be friendly or hostile to you. You have to either befriend or fight the locals in order to survive, and carry out a series of missions to continue to the next region or planet."

What's Hot:
+Decent creature editor
+Badges for completing achievements

What's Not:
-Repetitive gameplay
-Storyline restricts creature creation
-Creature friends get in the way of certain tasks
-Problems with stylus during creature editing

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