Why You should Play Far Cry 3 From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Far Cry 3 is a exceptional open world first person shooter with some really impressive mechanics and gameplay. The story is gripping and holds twists and plots sure to keep you coming back for more."

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Yi-Long244d ago

Played it a few years ago on the PS3 and REALLY enjoyed it. I'm usually not a fan of 1st person shooters, but considering this gives you freedom and a nice sandbox and toys, I had a lot of fun with it.

I have the Gold edition of FC4 on pre-order, so MIGHT play FC3 again, cause that comes with this game. However, I doubt I'll be playing it all the way through again, as I have far too many games in my backlog.

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Xenophon_York244d ago

If Far Cry 3 is in anyones' backlog then I doubt they enjoy gaming enough to go back and play it. Practically all avid gamers into this genre of titles have devoured this game. Just thinking about it makes me want to find a copy just so I can do some hang-gliding and play some shack blackjack.

ChrisW243d ago

"I doubt they enjoy gaming enough"

I know you're being crass. I loved FC1... But I played FC2 and FC3 for only about 5+ hours each... There was something about them that I didn't care for. So much so, that I didn't even consider buying FC4 or Primal. However, I did buy Blood Dragon, but never installed it.

As for FC5... My interest has peaked enough to give it a try, but I'll wait until a couple patches have been released.

Xenophon_York243d ago

"Crass?" That's kind of harsh. Maybe you should open a dictionary. [That's an example of being crass—which was just an example. Don't take it seriously.]

To be serious, though, the key parts of the phrase you quoted—but omitted—were, " go back and play it," and, "practically all avid gamers into this genre of titles have...".Plus I used the term, "I doubt." Which I purposely utilized in order to avoid an absolutism such as, 'I know.'

Yeah I played Far Cry 1 and 2 and was severely underwhelmed. So much so that I more-than-almost didn't give 3 a shot. If it weren't for a trailer I witnessed at E3 [?] of a shark attack in the game and the hang-glider I likely wouldn't had. Actually, I probably still would have quit after fifteen minutes if I weren't so determined to find that damned glider and fight one of those lions-of-the-sea.

Stay crassy. 🍸

ChrisW243d ago

crass - /kras/ : adjective : 1. showing lack of sensitivity 2. having no intelligence

I've always used the word in lines with the 1st definition and didn't really concern myself too much with the latter. Obviously using it was a poor choice on my part. My apologies.

DivoJones244d ago

Would hardly call the story 'gripping', but it is an excellent game!

madforaday244d ago

They had one good character in the whole story who wasn't even the main villain. If you compare a game with an actual good story, Far Cry 3 would be so far behind. The game is a good/gripping compared to other Far Cry games.

gangsta_red244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Far Cry 3 IMO was the best in the series. Was not a fan of part 4 mainly because it felt like a re-skin of 4 with a villain that wasn't as cool or threatening as Vaas.

kevnb244d ago

I’m not even sure why I didn’t like 4 that much, maybe the missions just aren’t as good.

madforaday244d ago

Vaas wasn't even the main villain. I actually liked 4 more because it was like 3 but better in every way.. besides story but Far Cry's aren't played for the story.

madforaday244d ago

In every single way it was better besides story. Of course, if you wanted something different compared to 3, I can see how people didn't like it. A two year difference in the release date is usually enough for me.

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