NA PlayStation Store Deals This Week Include Capcom Publisher And Great Indoors Sale

North American PlayStation Store is offering two major deals this week. The first sale features Capcom published games for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The second sale is a more beefy one. It is being labeled as 'The Great Indoors' sale and among others, it also includes DLC for Bloodborne and several PlayStation VR games.

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joab7772294d ago

Some great deals. If you got Bloodborne for free, GRAB the dlc for $6. It doubles the weapons and are great for a full playthrough.

SuperSonic912294d ago

Please remake Megaman Legends 1 & 2 already please, Cap.

Servbot412294d ago

They'll do it... only it'll be a mobile only with the voice acting cut and touch controls only.


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Mafia 3 Deserves A Little More Respect

More people should be making a trip to this bayou.

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cbuc1125710d ago

Agreed....game was fantastic. Especially as a person of color, I enjoyed the side missions.

709d ago
Kakashi Hatake709d ago

I'm Black myself, which is different from Lincoln who is bi racial. (It's trendy to ignore that mixed people are half White for some reason) What would color have to do with enjoying a game like this? Imagine if people playing God of War were like "Gee, I'm enjoying playing as a White person right now". If we want others to relate to things other than skin color, we have to start setting an example as "People of Color" (That term is so stupid btw)

InklingGirl709d ago

I wonder if this comment will get removed like mine? It shouldn't but I'm just curious.

LucasRuinedChildhood709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

"What would color have to do with enjoying a game like this?"

Skin colour matters a lot in the story and setting of Mafia 3. It even affects the gameplay.

The comparison to God Of War doesn't make sense.

I'm Irish (as in, a person born in Ireland), and I'd probably enjoy a game where you can fight in the Irish War of Independence ... a bit more than the average Brit. lol. Who cares? If a British person "Imagine if ...", I'd just laugh.

LucasRuinedChildhood709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

*said "Imagine if ..."

Also, it is cool when you play an Irish character in a game who doesn't put on a leprechaun accent like Tom Cruise did. "Shannon! Tell me you like my hat!" https://youtu.be/eKrEVWGTuR...

Terry_B709d ago

nah..its mediocre and repetitive.

Demetrius709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

I played it once and it was very frustrating compared to mafia 2 I like to enjoy games not get raged all up 😂😂

XbladeTeddy709d ago

It was repetitive and boring. Not a good game at all.

Yi-Long709d ago

The game looked interesting, and from the trailers it seemed it had a great soundtrack, but the buggy release (AI) and disappointing reviews made me pass on it. No idea if they ever fixed its shortcomings post-launch.

XbladeTeddy709d ago

They could only polish a turd so much. Wasn't good at release and isn't good now.

MadLad709d ago

Weakest game in the series.

AuraAbjure709d ago

People said that about Wolfenstein:Youngblood. I played youngblood and it is a masterpiece and so awesome and entertaining and badass, with ray tracing too. Is Mafia 3 a great game on its own merit? I understand compared to the other Mafias, you feel it's weak.

MadLad706d ago

I respectfully disagree.