Everybody's Golf Online Servers Shutting Down In September

Get in a few more rounds online while you can.

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deleted304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

They always shut down the servers on these games too early. Did it with Hot Shots Vita also :\

They should at least wait until a follow up, but maybe we're getting one soon. I love the series.

EvertonFC304d ago

I don't think we're getting another one 😔 clap hanz golf is on apple arcade and no news or info on if there working on a playstation game ?

deleted304d ago

Good point, I completely forgot reading about that! :\

I would imagine Sony still owns the Hotshots/Everybody's Golf franchise?

I also didn't realize how broken the MP was in this game, bc I only play online w family every now and then. (still to this day) Apparently the balance between microtransaction purchasers and standard players was way off, to where people who didn't buy in couldn't keep up competitively. That's a real shame bc the core gameplay of these games have been solid for a long time.

BrainSyphoned304d ago

Never could get past all the characters cluttering the course.

EvertonFC304d ago

I put thousands of hours into this game and when I did the PSN name change it voided my save progress and restarted me from the beginning.
Lost all my extra club sets and stats and purchases and just deleted the game after that.
Shame gem of a golf game, apparently they are not making anymore for playstation ?

Ozzy2407304d ago

Im still enjoying the PSVR version great game in VR

TiredGamer304d ago

Seems too early to shut down. I played this game heavily the last two years with friends. Hopefully something new is around the corner.