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EA Is "Not Making A Single Dollar" On Co-op Adventure A Way Out

Josef Fares, the film director turned game director behind Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons and the upcoming A Way Out, is quite the character. His enthusiasm for his game shines through, he doesn’t mince his words, and he’s a lot of fun to talk to.

We recently sat down to play a few snippets of A Way Out ahead of its release next week – read our impressions here – playing alongside and chatting with Fares along the way. Out of this came an interesting tidbit about how the game has been financed under the EA Originals brand:

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Community2269d ago
LizardRock2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

That's how EA works. They shower a dev with support while they're new, once they build up their success, they short-end them, buy them out, and squeeze every last monetary drop from their products before throwing them in the pit.

edit: Look at Respawn Entertainment

Jinger2269d ago

What happened to Respawn? From what I'm seeing is they made a great sequel to a fantastic MP game and now will be working on one of the biggest media franchises ever... Unless I missed something...

Sure EA picked the wrong time to launch Titanfall 2, but its not like they closed their studio or anything.

LizardRock2269d ago

They schedule the games release at the same time as their biggest shooter, and a few months later buy out the company.

They know what they're doing

ocelot072269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

This is just my theory. Yes Repawn made a good game in Titanfall 2. But it didn't sell that well. Mane reason is because they released it in between Battlefield 1 and Call Of Duty. Now I think EA had a hand in the release date as the publisher I think they made Respawn release it at that time.

Since they didn't make the money they where hoping for with Titanfall 2. They accepted EA's offer to be bought them out. Now EA own Respawn and the Titanfall IP they are free to milk it dry and put as many MT and lootboxes into Titanfall 3.

morganfell2269d ago

Yeah, preach it! Look at how EA ran a massive Ad Campaign to support Titanfall 2 and din't dump any of their other less worthy games on top of it...

...Oh wait...

Jinger2269d ago

Isn't Respawn working on a new Star Wars game? Seems like EA isn't looking to kill them yet...

CorndogBurglar2269d ago

Come on dude. EA released Titanfall 2 like a month or two away from CoD and then put no advertising behind TF. Then, when TF failed financially, they swooped in and bought Respawn.

That was clearly planned.

InKnight7s2269d ago

Wrong launch cost is people ignore.
TF2 pretty empty as remasters games online.

Jinger2269d ago

Y'all can blame EA All you want for TF2's failure, but I also blame gamers themselves. They chose with their wallets and they chose to buy CoD instead of a superior game like TF2

Nodoze2269d ago

I recently started playing TF2 and have to say it is WORLDS better than BF2 in every way. The progression system is not tied to ridiculous loot boxes. There is much fun to be had, and the single player campaign and much better than the pointless offering from DICE. Have to say for any gamer that enjoys a good Sci Fi it NOW. Play it and you will not be disappointed.

Sad that it was not as successful as it should have been.

UCForce2269d ago

Now you defending EA who is abusive company. Can you do the same thing to Destiny 2 and Metal Gear Survive ? This is why game community have been divided. People like me against EA for their greedy but other like you defending them. EA knew exactly what they were doing. Titanfall 2 sales got screwed by EA for releasing it between two biggest shooters. Battlefield 1 and COD IW just killed it. They even shut down Dead Space developers. Have you learn anything about EA from the past ?

_-EDMIX-_2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

@UCF- make your point without attacking this individual I would argue the biggest problem this community is there unable to have a simple disagreement without trying to attack the individual simply because they think about something differently.

So stop assuming that what is being stated is in defense of the practice you're assuming. You're basically saying this individual recognizes that this is a bad practice confirms it and is now defending and agreeing with the action which is not actually being stated.

One could argue that Electronic Arts might have been under the belief that they could sell better than Call of Duty if they had more games releasing around it to take away attention.

It's just speculation but to be honest all of this is speculation I don't think any of us have any proof that the release was malicious or done purposely. Please stop attacking other Gamers on here just because they think differently. I mean a lot of you are literally going out of your ways to attack this publisher especially considering their actions that are very normal in the game industry so yes they shut down visceral but it would not be the first time in the history of gaming a studio has been shut down.

So what's next? Are you only going to play games by Publishers that have never shut down any Studios ever? Or does this only apply to electronic Arts to build a narrative of hate?

I mean taking the consideration I like Sony Computer Entertainment but just because they shut down a game Studio doesn't mean I'm going to hate the publisher

it's business, it happens.

Put it this way can anyone even say anything about this publisher is doing anything exclusive that has never been done before in gaming? Can anyone even prove that the actions are malicious?

The reality is the launch of another game is not going to permanently stop someone from ever buying another game as it's still going to exist we don't really know how Titanfall 2 was ever really going to perform for all we know regardless of release it might have always inevitably sold a specific amount of units.

Jinger2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


At what point did I defend EA in any of my comments here?

Everything you guys are saying is just conjecture and hate mongering. Respawn made a fantastic game and hardly anyone bought it. Instead they bought CoD: IW which was one of the worst CoD's to date, yet gamers ate that up instead.

Would releasing it during a slower time helped sales? Perhaps, but the fact remains that Titan fall 2 went h2h with CoD and got killed.

But now they are working on one of the biggest media franchises ever, Star Wars. So is it all DOOM and gloom for Respawn? Doesn't look like it. They have the chance to make one of the best recent SW games with the talent they posses. So how about y all stop being such negative nancy' s all the time? Mmmkay?

UCForce2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

You should know that EA have a Infamous reputation for screwing game industry and the community. I can tell you that Yongyea know more than you do. I know I have rely on Yongyea with his opinion. I know he isn’t perfect, but the guy know how to understand the game industry and the market. I understand people need money but there have to be balance. It’s about earning consumers trust. Like I said, game Community have been divided because of this. Some people will defend it and others will against it, not just fanboy war. About Star War ? Sure, Respawn making it, but knowing EA they will find a way to screw it just like they did with Battlefront 2. Can you say the same thing about Activision and Bungie for screwing Destiny 2 and Konami for screwing gamers with their disgusting MT and insulting Metal Gear series after Kojima left ?

Elwenil2268d ago

Ah, the EA shill is back to promote their ridiculous policies and failed games once again.

Jinger2268d ago


Ugh, you and this yongea guy... why don't you have one original thought for yourself?

"It’s about earning consumers trust."

Respawn has yet to put out a bad game, so I trust them completely.

"Sure, Respawn making it, but knowing EA they will find a way to screw it just like they did with Battlefront 2."

Again, just spouting more crap because you guys don't like EA. How about we see what Respawn actually has in store before you go damning their game before it's even announced?

Can you say the same thing about Activision and Bungie for screwing Destiny 2 and Konami for screwing gamers with their disgusting MT and insulting Metal Gear series after Kojima left ?"

Again, you're misunderstanding my love for Respawn as defending EA. I'm not defending EA, I know exactly what kind of publisher they are. But at the same time, they have released quite a few really fun games. So how about we let Respawn prove themselves before we already kill their second game because of "EA". Titan fall 2 didn't have any of the shady EA MT/lootbox crap. Their MT's were very calm compared, they didnt have lootboxes or pay 2 win and they released free content. So take a step back and calm yourself.


Gtfo, I'm not even defending EA. I'm talking about Respawn here.

HeyNowChillax2268d ago

The only thing I dislike about Titanfall 2 is the smallish online playerbase as a result of the bad launch timing. It limits you in no way to finding a match to play, but you've got to be good to great because those who remain are pulling off Matrix fight scenes. Pretty sick really.

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moomoo3192269d ago

I'd say bioware is up next, those papa EA memes were so damn accurate lol

ChrisW2269d ago

If Bioware fails, EA will also fail.

If any of those money grubbing whores at EA are capable of understanding that, they will keep it from happening.

Sono4212268d ago

This makes me very confident in my purchase of this game, glad to help out these devs, they seem passionate. Best of luck to them!

_-EDMIX-_2269d ago

I mean technically speaking they could only buy you if you're available for sale in the first place

HeyNowChillax2268d ago

We'll Electronic Arts trading at $127.10 today, so they are doing something right. Respawn seems to be hiring for multiple projects including Titanfall 3 and a Star Wars game, which I hope isn't EA'd to death with transactions that boost performance, cosmetics ok but zero pay-to-win.

We'll have to give Rewspawn a solid 2 years to see where they are headed under EA, but I can see both of those titles keeping Respawn's team well above the cutting line. I for one am excited to see what the people behind Titanfall can come up with in the Star Wars universe.

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AizenSosuke2269d ago

EA you snakes, lying between your teeth, and shedding crocodile tears. Summary what a croc of BS.

AnotherProGamer2269d ago

EA do a lot of bad practices but they are making this game for gamer cred, its a low budget single player game with no microtransactions or lootboxes. they have other games like Battlefield and Madden to fill their pockets so they made this game to say they aren't just rehash after rehash

Hungryalpaca2269d ago

Of course they won’t make a single dollar. They’ll make more than that.

ziggurcat2269d ago

That's a load of crap. There is no way EA is not making any money on any sale of this game.

jznrpg2269d ago

If they don’t make money now they will get it later when they takeover his company