Spinning a Fable from the Past

Player 2 looks back at the history of the Fable franchise to determine what needs to stay and what needs to go for the rumoured Fable 4.

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Vasto311d ago

I hope Fable 4 will be more like the original Fable. I am currently playing the Xbox One X enhanced version of Fable Anniversary and to this day it still holds up as one of the best rpgs ever made.

maybelovehate311d ago

Except for that camera... May be the worst camera in gaming history.

Vasto311d ago

I never noticed a problem with the camera.

maybelovehate311d ago

Great game. Horrible camera. And when I say it is bad.. I don't mean that it is a pain to use, I mean it is basically unusable. You have to just hope that it will do what you want, since it takes over every time you try to use it yourself.

TyrellCorp311d ago

I don’t remember any significant issues with the camera either, but I haven’t played the original Fable in a very long time

john416311d ago

This might be an unpopular opinion but I think fable 3 was the best I still play that game till this day once in awhile. I just restarted a new campaign on Xbox one because it’s on game pass.

PhantomS42311d ago

Fable 3 was second best for me with the original at number one. I really didn't like a lot of things they did but fixed in 3.

TyrellCorp311d ago

I couldn’t even finish Fable 3 despite being a huge fan of the first, and thoroughly enjoying 2. Honestly I kind of resent Fable 3 because I feel it tarnished the franchise and led to those horrendous, experimental spinoffs

timotim311d ago

I personally dont want to see a Fable 4, I want to see a Fable reboot. Take it back to Oakvale, not the albion after Fable 3. Pure Fable imo.

TheCommentator311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Plenty of things happened before Fable too so a prequel would also do nicely. At the minimum, get the guns and pirates out and let the magic, swords, and bows become the focus again. Especially with SoT filling the Pirates' boots.