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"While Square Enix is primarily known for their console (and occasionally handheld) products, the Japanese publisher has been making a name for themselves in the PC marketplace. Some of their efforts have left fans sorely disappointed, such Final Fantasy XII and the recently released Chrono Trigger, while other attempts, such as Final Fantasy X|X-2 and Final Fantasy XII, were met with overwhelming gratitude. They’ve come a long way from barely only supporting the platform outside of western-developed games, and while we still have to wait a fair amount of time to receive the Japanese ports, the end result generally turns out better than we could have hoped for. After just over fifteen months, Final Fantasy XV has finally been ported to the open platform. The developers have been seemingly doing everything in their power to appease fans with this port, creating modding tools (which are coming after launch), giving players a bevy of visual options, not to mention higher than normal resolutions and frame rates, and even including all of the content we’ve seen rolled out over the last year. At least from what they have been touting, Square Enix is doing everything right for the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV, but how well do they stick the landing?"

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