Square Enix officially confirms Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition production cancellation

Square Enix has confirmed that the PC production for Final Fantasy XV has been cancelled

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Kurisu75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Final Fantasy XV - what a disaster. It is and always will be "that game that wasn't Final Fantasy Versus XIII".

Was Tabata to blame? No. Square Enix were far too ambitious with the announcement of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project in 2006 and it bit them in the ass. Tabata was a victim of circumstance and was left to pick up the pieces and had to get the game out for getting the game outs sake. Thus we ended up with a game with its own anime series, CGI film and DLC episodes just to get the "full" FFXV experience.

Its a real shame. I wish him all the best with his new studio where he can work at his own pace and release the game when he's ready, not when Square Enix is ready.

Chaosdreams75d ago

Worst part is, I don't think anyone can say FFXV feels complete.

Kurisu75d ago

Yeah, it really is an incomplete experience, even more so for those that haven't watched the film, anime or played the DLC.

Snookies1275d ago

Yeah, as much as I enjoyed my time with XV, it wasn't complete at all... Such a shame too, it could have been so good.

-Foxtrot75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

When Nyx in the film felt more developed, had more character interaction along and had more chemistry towards Luna then you know you have an issue story wise with your game

Seraphim75d ago

you lost me for there for a minute with wasn't FFXIII. But I got it now, it wasn't Versus XIII. Anyway I absolutely loved XV but it did feel hallow due to DLC being focused on side characters, at least imho. It was still great for what it was but since it revolved around Noctis only....

Also, isn't the studio Tabata is running owned by Square? Perhaps it was someone else or another company but I thought SE owns or at least has a deal with Tabata's company.

Kurisu75d ago

Oops, yeah I meant "wasn't Versus XIII". Edited in time!

I didn't love FFXV, nor did I hate it. It was just "OK". I want to be honest here and say that I enjoyed another Final Fantasy game more than I did XV but I think I'd fear for my life if I admit it here!

Razmiran75d ago

Tabata pasted together what he could in 3 years in order to ship it. The film, anime and dlc plan probably was not his idea. He was just the face in front of the camera and the name in the interview, almost a scapegoat.

Lionalliance75d ago

How can it be a disaster if it already sold a lot of copies already?

Kurisu75d ago

That doesn't take away from the fact that FFXV had a turbulent development.

zugdar75d ago

I remember watching the E3 trailer from the two years before it launched and I don't think a single frame of that trailer was in the final game. Full characters and tons of scenes (full dark knight characters, locations, falling building battle, airship jumping...) all absent. Really showed how much they were jumping all over even in that stage.

rainslacker74d ago

There were some highlights in a brief scene near the beginning. About the only cutscene in the game that had the high quality treatment we know from more recent ff games. It was edited down from the movie..

Godmars29075d ago

And yet Square, as well their fans, will only speak of the game as a success. Will continue defending it.

Harkins172174d ago

Tabata should have focused on other parts of the game rather making it so big. For one people wanted a great story and you could see the hints of it being there but it was rushed. Was no need for an anime or CGI movie. That could have been the game. The movie cost 100 million to make. Would have been much easier to make a part 2 of FFXV. But thats just me im sure others wanted 1 game. But at the end of the day the story was 20-25 hours long. We were missing at least another 10 hours of story.

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Promachos75d ago

Will any of you ever buy again another title from SE for the pc platform?

Kurisu75d ago

No...I don't have a PC :P

TheColbertinator75d ago

Yes FF remakes on Steam are always welcomed

CDbiggen75d ago

Planning on buying Left Alive on PC when it comes out.

Teflon0275d ago

It's not only the PC version based on the info for the site and info I see other places.

TedCruzsTaint74d ago

Yes. I didn't give two craps about this, and everyone knew it was a production mess. That said, Square/Eidos has released some fantastic PC editions of their games (Tomb Riader/Deus Ex/Hitman), and the releases of their jrpg catalogue has been nice.

So, oh well.
A project was bunked up. That doesn't mean they haven't served my platform well in general.

rainslacker74d ago

I'll buy complete products from them. When they do things right, they tend to be very good. Just they don't seem to know what with the ff series. It's like they think each main title in the series nerds to be this huge experience that has to span multiple forms of media, before the base game is even established. When then last 3 main line games, including 14, have been rushed, incomplete, and basically had problems during development, it might be time to reevaluate the scope of these games.

Although the more likely scenario is they think that sp games are too risky, and people prefer subs or mp

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blakeyboy9075d ago

Can someone please elaborate for me what this means for the PC version now in comparison to the other versions, I'm a little confused why everywhere is only saying the pc production is ceasing. Are there further developments or updates planned for the console versions?

porkChop75d ago

The PC version was supposed to get mod tools and support for Vulkan and Nvidia's DLSS. Those plans have been cancelled.

Cobra95174d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Right. But the headline makes it seem like the PC version won't exist. Well, it already does, so the confusion is understandable.

If SE stop PC sales of XV, then it becomes abandonware, which from a moral point of view at least is the same as freeware.

-Gespenst-74d ago

I'd also like some clarification on this. They didn't say anything about discontinuing updates for the console versions.

Kribwalker75d ago

I read the title “Square Enix Confirms the Xbox OneX Version of Ff15 is the definitive version”


legit tho, pretty lame they’d cancel it at this point, so far into production. There has to be a lot behind the scenes regarding this and the resignation etc.

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