Super Mario 64 VS. Super Mario 64 DS

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "For this first installment we’ll be looking at the Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64 and its remake for the Nintendo DS. Both of these games helped launch new Nintendo hardware, each of which featured brand new control methods for the gaming world at large and its no doubt the Super Mario 64 is one of the best games ever made. But if you want to play it today, what’s the best way to do so?"

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-Foxtrot218d ago

With the Switch I think it might be time for Super Mario Switch maybe bundle it with a Super Mario Sunshine port

O-D-C218d ago

That would be amazing.

-Foxtrot218d ago

Add some new rooms in the castle, more stars and maybe a new level if they can (something had to be cut back then)

higgins78216d ago

The hell it is! Odyssey is everything Sunshine wished it were, and I'm saying this as a massive Nintendo 'fan boy'. Better is Isle Delfino DLC were released via Odyssey if anything.

ClanPsi1216d ago

But Sunshine Mario has a water cannon / jetpack. Odyssey Mario is just wannabe.

FallenAngel1984218d ago

I really enjoyed Super Mario 64 DS’s new features. It’s also best played on a 3DS if you can’t get used to purely D-Pad control in a 3D platformer

higgins78216d ago

I'd say Mario 64 (ntsc) running on a modded RGB N64 (ntsc) via a CRT is the definitive way to play said game, if you should be so lucky. The best compromise is probably playing it on a softmodded Wii.