Report: The pirated version of Final Fantasy XV runs faster/better than the Steam version

DSOGaming writes: "We’re pretty sure that a lot of our readers have been looking forward to our comparison between the pirated and the Steam version of Final Fantasy XV. And after numerous tests, we can safely say that the pirated version runs better than the Steam version."

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DillyDilly314d ago

Shame that the pirated version of Origins could not fix that one

kevnb314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

i wish shareholders weren't so convinced that excessive drm is a good thing, pirates can still pirate but legit buyers are punished. There are folks that do a good job at showing how most sales happen near launch, but they never actually show that pirates wont wait...

Godmars290314d ago

Its not shareholders but the executives who answer to them and have sterilized common sense through marketing research. Anemic and disconnected reports that tell them that inconveniencing a majority consumers in order to slightly hinder and give reason for pirates to improve means more money in the long run.

Then again leave pirates too much freedom and they will make a "black-market" that fully undermines legal products. Because at the end of the day all people are @$$holes.

kevnb314d ago

exactly, with piracy the numbers always seem high but its because pirates will just download every major game.

Godmars290314d ago

Are people hitting disagree because of the "all people are @$$holes"? Well they/you are. Not all the time but just enough to make a "difference".

Everyone. Especially yours truly. Especially in Sea of Thieves posts apparently.

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