IGN Red Faction: Guerrilla Destruction Update

Red Faction kick-started the whole destruction trend almost single-handedly way back in 2001. Since then there was very little progress in terms of destruction until 2006 when LucasArts promised to revolutionise gaming with its Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) engine in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. DMM showed off spectacular destruction based on wood shattering exactly like real wood and metal bending just as it should, but in the end we got a game where the DMM tech was only applied to a couple of crappy doors. LucasArts put all its destruction hype in the 'too hard' basket and consequently left the door wide open for Red Faction to impress us with its large-scale destruction.

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GlossGreen3654d ago

liked the first Red Faction game. I have high hopes that this one will fulfill the promises of that early effort.

Gam713654d ago

red faction was the first game i got on the ps2.
Only got it because the other games i could choose from i didn't like.

Enjoyed every minute of it so looking forward to this one.

PS3 Kills 3603654d ago

must be the 360 version cause all i read is SH!T SH!T SH!T!!! LOL

Ju3654d ago

Deformation (not just destruction) in Unleashed is pretty awesome. If they build on that, this game should turn out to be great.

THWIP3654d ago

...UBER FAIL! Volition ruined this franchise with RF2; this iteration makes RF2 look like a gem. :o

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