TGS 2008: Leaked Square Enix Trailers

Someone has managed to record the new trailers of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and The 3rd Birthday at Square Enix's closed mega theater, and although the video is in low quality it's worth a view, because we probably won't see these in a proper quality for quite some time.

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GrieverSoul3747d ago

I love it when things like these are leaked!


TheColbertinator3747d ago

F*** You Square.Real gamers will leak out your closed theater bullshit from now on so hurry up and show something new instead of wasting our time waiting

mfwahwah3746d ago

Lol have some patience. "instead of wasting our time waiting" sounds a bit funny. Why bother wasting your time fussing over gameplay videos now, when you can just watch them closer to release, which is when they actually matter?

I don't understand gamers sometimes... We have the patience to sit through 100+ hour games just to see everything, yet we have trouble simply waiting to watch a freakin' trailer of a game.

TheColbertinator3746d ago

Obviously you need to see that I have waited for these games since 2005/2006.The problem is that KH 358/2 Days is just about to release and SE doesn't show a single trailer to the public in the last 2 years.SE has lost their touch

shine13963747d ago

off to see it now.........

jkhan3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Its funny how after 2.5 years all we get to see is the same trailer and all they tell us is the name of the main character. I mean come on seriously? By the way I am talking about FF-XIII and versus

Voozi3747d ago

Yea it's like the same trailer over and over, and when they claim new they squeeze like a couple seconds of a new cut scene in there and call it a wrap lol

CloudsEnd3747d ago

What the hell is wrong with all of you!?
Those are new Trailers from Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days and [The 3rd Birthday]

!?!? Stop complaining about Final Fantasy, this is not final fantasy.

This is parasite eve and kingdom hearts. jeez.

TheColbertinator3747d ago

Actually I am more interested in the handheld KH and FF games than the console versions.Those will maybe get here when hell freezes over but the KH PSP/DS games are the ones I look forward to

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