Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 remasters coming to Steam, will feature new 3D engine, to be free to old owners

Realtech VR has announced that it will release remastered versions of Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 on Steam. These remasters will be based on the mobile versions, will support OpenVR, will feature a new 3D engine, and will be free to all owners of these games.

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DarkOcelet223d ago

That's damn good news. I felt so robbed when i bought them on Steam just to find them absolute shit of ports. So it will be great to revisit the series when the remasters drop on Steam.

AspiringProGenji223d ago (Edited 223d ago )


So I have a GTX 1080 and I am thinking of upgrading to Ti. Can i have both installed with no problem assuming there's any use in having both installed? I have to have two identical cards to enable SLI correct?

john2222d ago

Yeap, you won't be able to SLI them for DX11. You can only SLI identical GPUs. For Vulkan and DX12, however, you can use both of them (provided the games support explicit multi-GPUs)

kusu222d ago

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mocaak222d ago

Don't get the Ti now, 11/20 series should be out in a few months.

AspiringProGenji222d ago

Good point! I was wondering when the next series would come

letsa_go222d ago

Yes you can. I have a 1080 & 1080ti installed for mining and gaming purposes.

kevnb222d ago

New engine = remake, remaster is just a fancy marketing term for a port with no more visual upgrade than an emulator can achieve.

Darkwatchman222d ago

It can use a new engine, but if it visually looks the same or similar to the original, then it’s a remaster. Not a remake. It’s not a remake unless every single asset is touched and changed. You can change engines without changing a game’s assets.

_-EDMIX-_222d ago

Well I think it can be used interchangeable to be honest the term remaster regarding restoration of film simply just means enhancement.

Which actually means even a remake could be seen as a remaster as it is a full enhancement in every regard

kevnb222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Well you see films are always mastered in the first place, remaster means they re did it.

_-EDMIX-_222d ago

@Kevin lol

no remastering of film or audio simply means it has been enhanced. I've actually never heard of a remake of a film called a remastering....ever.

You just not talking about the same thing in fact remastering or restoration is a specific technique that literally has nothing to do with remaking a film. Remastering in general is not even filmmaking because you're not actually physically redoing shots or redoing scenes, you are not really filming anything at all you're simply altering something.

All you have to do is Google the technique and you'll get some studios that are very good at it regarding film.

It is not remaking film because those individuals are not movie directors they don't actually make film I mean it would be like trying to say Star Wars Episode 4 that was digitally enhanced in 4k was refilmed or that actors redid the entire film I am sorry but that's not how any of that actually works 😂😂😂

kevnb222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I didn’t say it was remaking the film, a 4K remaster is just taking the original film and mastering it at 4K... go look up what mastering is...
to re master mean they redid the master, nothing more. Of course most times the goal of re doing a master is some sort of enhancement, but many times they make it worse.

kevnb222d ago

? You don’t know that all movies are mastered?

_-EDMIX-_221d ago

Buddy I don't care you don't know what you're talking about and is very clear you don't know anything about restoration.

I've never heard the remaking of a film ever called a remaster especially considering those are not the same techniques are completely irrelevant to each other.

All you have to do is look at the Godfather remastering or restoration so are you going to tell me that entire film was remade? Are you sure? 😂😂😂 ok pal.

All you have to do is look at the damn definition of remastering.

Stop arguing over semantics especially considering the exact definition is enhancing of something it is not completely remaking of something.

PixelOmen221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I understand what you're trying to say, but saying they're interchangeable is very misleading. A remake goes far beyond a remaster, so if you were to to simply call every remake a remaster, or vice versa, it wouldn't be doing remakes justice.

Also OP is incorrect, a remaster can have a new engine and still use all the original assets and game design code. That's not a remake.

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letsa_go222d ago

I prefer remakes of n64/ps1 era games as they have aged badly for the most part. What I don't want are reimaginings or re-envisionings. I want the same game & experience with a new coat of paint, bug fixes, and updated controls.

kevnb222d ago

Me too! This is why the final fantasy 7 remake is disgusting to me, especially since square Enix usually does action combat poorly.

PixelOmen221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I disagree, a remake is a new game made in the image of an old game, meaning all new assets, new animations, and new scripting at the very least. Resident Evil or MGS:Twin Snakes on the gamecube are not just their PS1 equivalents running on a new engine. Same with Ratchet and Clank on PS4.

At the opposite end, there are also remasters that tweak core aspects of the visuals like the lighting/shadows or the assets themselves, and they occasionally even add a new feature or two.

This isn't as black and white as you think it is.

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AnubisG222d ago

I hope it's coming to PS4 as well. This is my dream come true.

Minute Man 721222d ago

I have these games on my PS3, they are still great 20+ years later

AnubisG222d ago

That is why Tomb Raider deserves a full on remake like Crash Bandicoot.

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