GamingTrend: MLB Power Pros 2008 Review

GamingTrend writes: "Baseball is a weird sport. There really shouldn't be anything too exciting about it, in all honesty. There's only so many things that can happen on the field, and a very strict template as to how the game should be played. There isn't half the strategy of football, the pure athleticism of soccer and basketball, or the brutality of hockey, but there's still something charming about baseball that's missing in many other sports.

For those reasons, there's something about baseball that always eludes game developers as well. What do people like about baseball? The home run? The ballpark ambiance? 100 mile-per-hour fastballs? There are very few games that get baseball right, and I'm happy to say that MLB Power Pros 2008 is one of them. Where does it excel? Where does it fall short? And why does a game with such cartoonish graphics feel more like baseball than a lot of more "realistic" baseball games?"

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