R.I.P. 'Metal Gear Solid', the Best Video Game Series Ever

Metal Gear Survive brought one of the greatest video game stories to a strange, cynical end.

PhoenixUp2330d ago

This is the most opportune moment that Ubisoft has been waiting for since 2002.

Now that the future of Metal Gear is in total dissary, it’s the best time to reveal a new Splinter Cell game and take the crown of the stealth genre by default.

Deep-throat2329d ago

Bro MGS was never the best in the genre. You didn't play many classic stealth games...

doos_vd_kak2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Congratulations, you've even managed to troll yourself. It's weird because Your profile picture is LITERALLY snake from mgs. You'd think you are a big mgs fan. Shame, there must be a lot of turmoil in that confused head of yours.

mikeslemonade2329d ago

No it isn’t. 4 and 5 are overrated.

FreddyFazbear2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

says the guy with snake as a profile pic and a name which also reference MGS series. Dude if trolling or saying your poor opinion makes you happy then so be it. and yes MGS is the best in stealth game genre, why else would it be a phenomenal hit? all MGS games have been a hige hit while the Splinter cell, not too much and even disappeared in obscurity. So yeah MGS is not good of a game. In your autistic world.

outsider16242329d ago

You should remove your profile pic and shove it down your throat. Fake plastic fan

ZombieKiller2329d ago

How can you call yourself deepthroat with snake in you're profile pic then say that?! Lol unless you are implying something else....

MGS was definitely the best in the genre. Gladly take another disagree...

adonisisfree2329d ago

I agree, splinter cell did 'stealth' better than metal gear, I think the metal gear series just appeal to a larger audience,

No Way2329d ago

@doos - you mean to tell me you can't like a game series and realize its not the best stealth game? MGS is more than a stealth game - and hell, it doesnt even need to be played stealthy! Its definitely not the best stealth game.. but, is a great series.

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_-EDMIX-_2329d ago


100% agreed. If done by the original Studio I would definitely buy a new Splinter Cell game that is such an underrated series I mean granted it had a lot of its misses but the first game in Chaos Theory where amazing

MrSwankSinatra2329d ago

mgs never had the crown lmaoooooo

ZombieKiller2329d ago

So much in fact that you had to come here to let everyone know...

At least you got 1 agree. Then again, anyone could make a 2nd account. Failure..

MrSwankSinatra2329d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

@FartLover @ZombieKiller splinter cell always had the crown, splinter cell has been wayyyy better in terms of stealth than mgs ever could hope to be, anyone who denies that splinter cell has had better games in terms of stealth has never played a splinter cell game in their life. the only people that even give mgs the "crown" of stealth are nothing more than kojima obessesd weirdos. most of you have never even played games like chaos theory or Pandora tomorrow, so keep that b.s. about mgs to yourselves. MGS should be renamed to fan service the game.

DEEBO2330d ago

Snake at the boss grave comes to mind.
So sad...

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Dlaw762329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Gta and Zelda for me as the best game series ever but I am a fan of Metal Gear Solid 1, 2,and 4

FreddyFazbear2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Playboy you say your a fan of MGS 1,2 and 4 and we all know MGS4 and MGS1 is a sony/PSone/PS3 exclusive which everyone here knows you hate everything sony. Not even the MGS Legacy collection came to xbox 360. So who are you fooling here?? A guy who keeps bashing sony and its games and suddenly says they like MGS1 and MGS4 which is only playable on 1 console PSone and PS4. but if your bot a console fan, MGS1 is ported on Windows PC. but MGS4 is only on PS3.

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