Destructoid TGS 08: R-Type Dimensions hands-on

Destructoid writes: "I've always sucked at R-Type, so I wasn't expecting to be good at the newest iteration, R-Type Dimensions. Even though I knew it would be embarrassing to repeatedly lose in front of the Japanese gamers waiting in line to play, I still gave this Xbox Live Arcade title spin for Destructoid.

R-Type Dimensions contains both shooting classics R-Type and R-Type II, but they both have a new face. The game can be played in its classic 2D form, or, with a press of the right bumper button, a slick new 3D re-imaging of the same game. What's really cool is that you can switch from the 2D to 3D view and back on the fly. In one mode, accessed by pressing the Y button, you'll find yourself looking at the classic game, framed in a mock arcade cabinet."

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