Force Unleashed Producer And I Discuss The Star Destroyer Sequence - Yeah, That One

MTV Multiplayer writes: "If you paid attention to the build-up for the release of "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" then you probably saw the image above or one like it. You got the hint that, in the game, a Jedi would tear a Star Destroyer down from the sky.

If you played the game long enough, you reached that part.

I finished the game, and after talking to the game's executive producer, Haden Blackman, about the game's promising DLC offering, I asked him about this section. I had to admit to him that it was far from my favorite part.

Some might find the following exchange nitpicky on my part. I, however, thought people would find it interesting to see one very specific moment discussed between player (me) and creator (Blackman)…"

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