EA Servers Down for Battlefield 1 and Other Games, EA Aware and Investigating

Are you trying to play Battlefield 1 now or some other EA-published game? If you can’t connect, it’s not you, but rather, it's EA's servers for BF1 and other games.

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Derceto221d ago

EA servers being down, could be considered a public service.

Ciporta1980221d ago

Again? I couldn't play battlefield 1 last night either.

_-EDMIX-_221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

This is late and it's actually referring to it being down from the other day

Im the literally playing Battlefield 1 right now.....

So any of you who know me on PlayStation Network literally could just glanced over and see me playing the game soooooo yea

Yeah this story is going to need to be retracted I don't understand the concept of somebody posting news from the other day as to try to insinuate it's currently happening..

Ciporta1980221d ago

Ok cheers. Was disappointed last night when I couldn't play. Only got this game last month. Avoided it coz I couldn't be bother with another samey online shooter. Picked up the edition with the premium content and really been enjoying it. Sometimes can be frustrating but that's more because I suck at it lol.

windblowsagain221d ago

BF1 Just nowhere near the game BF4 was/is.

BF2 needs to be more BF4 type style.

Gaming_1st221d ago

Youre not being serious are you? Took them almost a year for them to figure out rubber banding issue on console. I gave up on the game by that time.

bigmalky221d ago

Now imagine that always online, live service, fully digital future of gaming, where you can't play any of your games if something goes wrong with servers, your console or choice's network or hackers decide it's a fun thing to take gaming down for a while.

Online games are great, but the future is bleak if games as a service pushers get their way.

UnholyLight221d ago

Always a sad day when any Battlefield related servers are down, I spend so much time playing Battlefield games online its actually ridiculous at this point.

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