Far Cry Arcade map-editor assets include Black Flag, Watch Dogs and more

Associate producer Phil Fournier confirms that Far Cry 5’s map editor will have Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag assets to play with.

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317d ago
Vectrexer315d ago

It would be neat to add Zombie, Terminator or Aliens or a big variety of AI assets!

KyRo315d ago

They are. The three dlc packs planned feature Veitnam war, zombie apocalypse and aliens on Mars. All them assets too will be added to the map maker when they release.

Not enough people are talking about Far Cry Arcade for FC5.

TheCommentator315d ago

I usually don't go for DLC but I'm getting this one because they are all so unique from the campaign. I can't wait to see how much polish the editor has gotten since 4, and I always push the editor to it's limits!

Vectrexer314d ago

That's awesome this is going to be a great addition to Far Cry 5!