We Need More Deus Ex

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "I’ve been writing quite a few of these “We Need More of” over the last year or so, but there isn’t a series that I feel that is as strongly deserving than any other so far than the Deus Ex franchise. It’s a franchise that I grew up with and see it change quite a few times over that span, but every playthrough through each title has been a special experience in their own right. From its first installment to the more modern day releases, Deus Ex is a franchise that should be celebrated and recognized throughout the industry and is one series that we truly need more of.È

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TheOttomatic91816d ago

Where were you when Mankind Divided was released? That game bombed financially (despite being my GOTY of 2016) and because of that it’ll be a while before we get another one

Derceto816d ago

Maybe you've forgotten WHY it bombed? Judging by your post, I think this is the case.

Fearmonkey816d ago

I played though Deus Ex:Mankind Divided and all the expansions and was so excited for it, but felt annoyed with the Praxis kits, especially in the DLC. The main game felt like a rewrite, the ending wasnt satisfactory, and I expected more. The DLC"s praxis kits were stingy, I played though much of the last two DLC without the augs I wanted. I hate that they did that to see them at their store, really lame! I loved Human Revolution and the other games before, I don't want Jensen to go away, hopefully his story gets finished in the next game and we dont have to wait forever for it. We also need more Thief, but they ruined Thief in the last game. Bring the old Thief and Garret back please!

BeardedPriest815d ago

The game was somber and profound. People don't like that as much as they do big explosions and robots.