Will Sackboy Rescue Sony's PlayStation 3?

Sony may have found its own Mario.

After struggling to define itself as more than just a top console, the Sony PlayStation 3's "LittleBigPlanet" era is set to begin Oct. 21. It gets era-starting status because the game is… different.

After more than a year of hype, the game's lead character, Sackboy (or Sackgirl), is set to tear down walls for gamers and possibly advertisers and perhaps become as famous as Nintendo's iconic Mario, of "Donkey Kong" and "Mario Bros." fame.

People were "awed" when the game was first teased at a game conference last year, says Eric Fong, associate producer for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

It was "as if they were kids again, watching some Saturday morning cartoon," Fong told IBD. "For me, that was the moment of realization that we had more than just a great game - it became something that the entire industry would look to as game-changing."

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Silogon3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

If you look at other 400 and 500 dollar units on the market, Ps3 doesn't really need "saving"... It's done just fine up to this point and in time they'll tweak their front end and make the needed changes to expand outwards.

Microsoft will have the most trouble getting of the ground with their next system. Sony will have a huge fanbase and install base with the Ps3 and Microsoft will have to start over, yet again. That's going to be a hard sale to justify, if you ask me.

Hell, making the leap from Xbox to xbox 360 and Ps2 to Ps3 has been hard to justify for consumers.

3 years on the market and the xbox 360 has only sld 21 million units. The original xbox sold 26 million in 4 years time before it was axed in favor of the xbox 360.

the xbox 360 isn't a success, not on thescale the media wants you to believe.

Jamie Foxx3682d ago

to follow through 2008-2009

mikeslemonade3682d ago

Silogan is an amateur. He copies off my teachings.

ChanDangle3682d ago

I'm actually interested on what Microsoft is going to do for the next Xbox. How much support was still given to the original when the 360 came out, none. Then take the ps2 for example.

RememberThe3573682d ago

My only issue is in games. The only possibly great games that are 360 exclusive are Gears and Fable. I just haven't been very impressed by their line-up for 08-09. They'll sell a ton of consoles purely on the great price point, but as an owner of a 360 I want more quality exclusives.

Bathyj3682d ago

I'm not even reading this article. Rescue? What rubbish.

You speak the truth Silogon. M$ had EVERY advantage you could ask for and not only burnt last gen owners, this gen's owners, they've probably lost the trust of half of next gens owners. I've always bought all the consoles, but they are have to going to do something alot better than the next Halo or Gears to get me to buy 720. Just sounds like they're going in circles to me. Doesn't anyone else worry about that?

Sony are right where want to be and they dont need any one game either. People keep saying, GT is the one, MGS is the one, LBP is the one. THERE IS NO ONE. Thats M$'s way of thinking, relying on Halo for a whole generation and then even milking it the next. It shows how little VISION they have. LBP could bomb hard (never happen) and people will still be lining up for R2, KZ2, GT5, Infamous, etc etc. Sony is not a one trick Pony.

The only thing that concerns me for Sony is M$ is getting a little momentum back, not for game, because they've had none all year but just because of a price drop. Like the 3 year warrantty M$ knows they can buy you cheap when they have to. Sony should drop price at the start of November and render the price drop a moot point. If it wasn't for price, if it was a $250 XB up against a $300 PS3, XB would be finished. There games line up this year has been honestly, embarrassing, this from a group of fans claiming they are all about the games. HA.

SL1M DADDY3682d ago

They are comparing the last two generations with this one and seeing as how the PS3 has sold fewer consoles in the same amount of time as the PS2 and PSone, they think the PS3 is in need of saving when the truth of the matter is, the PS3 released 300 dollars more than it's predacessors and is only tracking a couple million behind the PS2 in the same time span from launch. I would actually say that Sony has done well to sell a very expensive console and no game is needed to "save" the console when in fact it is already selling very well for the price it retails at.

shovelbum3682d ago

I think that it'll sell some consoles but I don't see it as a a savior (if PS3 needs one). I enjoyed the beta and will purchase it but it'll likely get more use by my kids and wife in the long run. It'll do well with parents but those on a tight budget are still more likely to go with the 360 when choosing between the two because they aren't likely to adopt Blu any time soon. I think a small majority of hardcore gamers will buy it and play it for a bit but it'll get dropped quickly especially with the plethora of titles coming in the next two months.

nbsmatambo3682d ago

i wasnt aware the PS3 needed rescuing...

HardcoreGamer3681d ago


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Hagaf223682d ago

i didnt know the ps3 needed saving?!?!

eric1003682d ago

PS3 is on course to do very well this XMAS

Rockstar3682d ago

But isn't she in another castle?


This is HUGE!!!!The ps3 doesnt need rescuing,but boy oh boy will Sackboy shake up the war!!!!!!

eric1003682d ago

It doesnt need any saving or whatsover

theKiller3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

ps3 needs rescue, its the 360 that needs one, it has been outsold since ps3 had a price cut to 400 USD last year! so who needs saving?

sales of ps3 in 2007 was 1.5 million more than 360 even though it was launched in europe in march and this year it will be something like 3 million lead!! thats why MS desperately cut its prices twice in 2008!

but sackboy will lead ps3 to win this generation

if i was sony i will make 5-10 million advertising for this game world wide!! and they will after gain 100 times more!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3682d ago

Yeah i wish they would Advertise more to.
But saying that, when the PS2 came out i can't really remember any Adverts in the first few years tho??? And look how Successful the PS2 was/is!!! ;)

+Playing WipeOut:HD i always think 'WHY'O'WHY don't they Advertise this AMAZING Game for???'

+The PS3 DON'T Need Saving!!!;)

trancefreak3682d ago

These articles make it appear as if this was holiday season 2007. Do these people realize the ps3 has been doing just fine for some time now.

eric1003682d ago

We already have GOTY in our hands for Fall --LBP

and thats not all --Motorstorm 2/Resistance 2/Narutot/Valkyrie/Wipeout HD all in Fall

plus a ton of great multiplat exclusives

However M2/R2 and LBP are the biggest AAA games on PS3 this Fall

wont be surprised if Naruto turns up to be an AAA just like Wipeout HD