Far Cry 5 Weaves a Frightening Story into Series’ Familiar Sandbox Formula - Xbox Wire

Our hands-on session with Ubisoft’s ambitious sequel starts at the game’s very beginning, as we assume the role of a rookie sheriff’s deputy sent to serve Seed an arrest warrant. The opening is easily the series’ best, a spine-chilling chain of events we’re still contemplating a week after experiencing them. It’s too good to spoil, but suffice to say witnessing Seed calmly croon Amazing Grace, amidst unspeakable violence and chaos, is something that will likely assume permanent residence in our subconscious.

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ZombieKiller318d ago

Cant wait to play this game!

RDOUBLE318d ago

I have never played a Far Cry are they easy to get into?

bloodybutcherblocked318d ago

Very easy. They can be fun in short bursts, but get tedious in a long run.

ZombieKiller318d ago

Really easy, same controls as Call of Duty, just in an open world that they practically lay out for you. It's fun as hell!

Each game is the same though so it might be a good idea to skip some titles in the series so it doesnt fatigue

TheCommentator318d ago

Ubisoft is insane when it comes to the Far Cry formula, but I'm okay with that!

Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?