The Sexualization of 'Bayonetta' is Fine... With the Right Context | Goomba Stomp

Context is incredibly important in video games. Without it, great games would become vulgar, derogatory and violent without any actual need for it. Bayonetta is the latest victim of this issue.

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FallenAngel1984320d ago

Context was never needed to accept the sex appeal of Dante, Solid Snake, Link, & Ryu but god forbid a female character is made sexually appealing without any context. Especially if that female character was designed by a woman like Bayonetta was.

meka2611319d ago

Was literally going to say the same thing.

MeteorPanda320d ago

if a game is open about the overly sexuality - let it be. Its games where it'll be an mmo and they give only females skimp gear that erks me. why not the men too?

Pantz320d ago

Don't play it if you don't like it. Not everything is made just for you and your personal beliefs.

Ittoittosai320d ago

Having sexy characters is not bad. We are human why are people so damn up tight.

PhoenixUp320d ago

Why make such a big deal about sex appeal if it has no context?

There’s so many games where the violence has no context yet people don’t seem to make articles about that.

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