Wolfenstein: Killin’ Nazis Never Gets Old

Sometimes, you want a relatable villain who makes you question your own morality. Other times, you want Frau Engel.

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IamTylerDurden1165d ago

It got old tbh. Machine needed a break from the IP. Indie is a good reprieve.


Best Wolfenstein Games - All the Wolfenstein Games Ranked

BLG writes, "There can be only one best Wolfenstein game. Since the franchise’s debut in 1981, the Wolfenstein series has graced our gaming platforms for over forty years. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! In honor of that legacy, we’re going to list some of the best Wolfenstein games and the worst. That’s right: it’s the Wolfenstein games ranked."

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RaidenBlack419d ago

Scheiße! Nein.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the best in the series. After that:
New Order
New Colossus
Old Blood

Harryvok418d ago

I really wish they'd remake Return to Castle Wolfenstein from the ground up. Easily the best of them all.

412d ago

MachineGames Proved It Was Worthy Of Wolfenstein By Fixing Bugs For Id Software

Speaking on Wassup Conversations, Matthies told the host that once MachineGames was founded, it didn't have enough money to hire a full development team and pitched around ideas for a while. Eventually, Id Software offered the team a chance to work with their IP, but first, they needed to prove themselves.

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Video Games Then And Now: Stunning Ways Franchises Have Changed Over The Years

BLG writes: "Looking at video games then and now, Mario is still going strong, although he looks just a little different. Other franchises have proved to be just as lasting. Mortal Kombat is still the premiere fighting game. Madden moved from one of several NFL simulators to the only licensed one. And of course, all of these games today look unrecognizable from where they started."

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