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ThisGenGaming says: "NORTH is more of an interactive art-school short movie than a true game. It has very little story to tell and the visuals are often subpar. Luckily the audio is a redeeming factor and since it’s so very, very short you won’t have to spend too much time playing it. And yet, I still see this game doing rather well commercially on Xbox as the 1000G are among the easiest to earn ever and achievement hunters everywhere will be looking forward to adding it as another notch to their belt."

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bloodyspasm228d ago

It's obvious they expect to sell more on Xbox One vs other platforms as the price is $5 there vs $3 on Switch and $2 on Steam. (with achievement hunters in their bullseye)

Makes we wonder if a game that just flatout GIVES you the 1000G would still be bought if the price was cheap enough....

TGGJustin228d ago

These kind of games are all over PSN and XBL ranging from $1 to $10. They exist solely for the people who care about easy trophies and achievements and they sell well enough because of it.

joxab228d ago

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