TeamXbox: Saints Row 2 Review

TeamXbox writes: "Maybe it's time we retire the phrase "GTA Clone". The type of open-world sandbox gameplay that Rockstar pioneered with that game has become so commonly aped that it's almost become a genre unto itself. In addition to plenty of excellent variations on the them of "go anywhere, do anything" gameplay in games like Mercenaries 2, and the fact that so many upcoming games like Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia are adopting the sandbox structure.

But still, the Saints Row franchise is pretty obviously still the closest thing to GTA's original urban crime simulator in setting and theme. In fact, the first game's main claim to fame was that it beat the GTA franchise to the next generation consoles, giving gamers the first opportunity to jack cars, shoot cops and create general mayhem in a large open city environment on the Xbox 360. But to suggest it is a clone was to maybe give it too much credit."

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blooodFrenzy923683d ago

This games gonna be crazy!!!!! screw all the haters saying it was going to suck omg octobers a crazy month MAD GAMES!!!!!!! MAD!!

Raider693683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

get real!i firmely belive that,now more than ever reviewrs dont play games more than 15 minutes!how the hell can you give this game more than a 6.5!!tecnichal this game IS crap!low framerates,lots of bugs,an most if you compare this to the first one,you can see that its been downgrade visualy all the way!!to you guys remember the color thaT SR1 HAD AND THE GREAT TEXTURES, THE EXPLOSIONS EFECTS!?WELL NOW ITS ALL BEEN DOWNGRADE!BLEND COLORS,POOR TEXTURES,NO MORE SHINE GOOD LOOKING CARS AND TEXTURES,AND THE HORRIBLE SCREEN TEARING IS STILL THERE AND WORST THAN EVER!AND EVERY THING IS WORST ON THE PS3!NEXT TIME DONT DOWNGRADE THE 360 VERSION JUST TO BE ON EQUAL TO THE PS3,BECAUSE THAT SUCKS!KEEP PLAYING GTA SAN ANDREAS IT LOOKS AND PLAYS BETTER ON A HD TV THAN THIS CRAP!

blooodFrenzy923683d ago

its supposidly a freking blast to play and the graphics dont even look bad