The 2001 Unreal Engine version of Duke Nukem Forever was 90% complete, had RPG and horror elements

DSOGaming writes: "Duke Nukem Forever was a huge disappointment for a lot of Duke Nukem fans. However, there was a version that impressed everyone back in 2001. That version of Duke Nukem Forever was powered by Unreal Engine and was meant to be a more serious/dark game. And according to Frederik Schreiber, VP at 3DRealms, that version is 90% complete."

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diesoft324d ago

You have no idea how much I wanted THAT version to come out. It STILL sounds great. Come on, guys, get it together and let's have it!

AnotherProGamer323d ago

apparently a former developer wants to leak the game but is afraid to be sued by Randy Pitchford

diesoft322d ago

Crazier things have happened. I mean, if you were there in the early 90's, did you EVER think you'd see Sonic and Mario even be on the same system, let alone the same game? Nothing has knocked our socks off with them yet but hey... it was a crazy dream and it happened.

But I hear ya. Maybe he can do a kickstarter or something that won't irritate people for the money. A rpg-lite duke nukem is exactly what I hoped that game would be and it turns out it pretty much was. That would've been a big deal back then. Good deal even now, considering the abortion DNF was.

FlyingFoxy324d ago

Soldier of Fortune 2, one of my favorite early online FPS games from 2002.. Wish Raven would make a proper sequel.

NarooN323d ago

I remember that game. Was tough as nails, although some of the difficulty was artificial as hell.

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fastNslowww324d ago

You can tell by the trailer that it was touched up, doubt the retail version would have had such facial detail shown in the trailer. Otherwise it did look pretty good.

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