Quantum Break To Get Another Xbox One X Update To Fix Graphical Bugs

Remedy Entertainment released an Xbox One X update for Quantum Break with the launch of the console that seemed to add 4K support, however since it was the work of just a single developer, the update wasn't free from issues.

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theXtReMe1325d ago

Yea baby! It deserves it.

Sciurus_vulgaris325d ago

I recently played through Quantum Break on my base Xbox One. If Quantum Break didn’t have issues with temporal reconstruction, it would likely be the best looking game on the Xbox One. I personally think Gears of War 4 looks better than Quantum Break as it has cleaner visuals. However, Quantum Break has more impressive models, skin shaders and particle effects.

LateNightThirst324d ago

The game has one of the most ambitious forms of lighting in a game. Not even heavy hitters like UC4 use a fully dynamic Global illumination system like QB does

PUBG324d ago

This was one of my favorite single player games from this generation by far. Great news!

Razmiran324d ago

Recently played it through it.
Didnt really like it, gameplay felt boring although in engine scenes were pretty convincing. Live action episodes were meh at best, but the story in itself was pretty good.

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