Here is what a re-imagined 3D version of Mortal Kombat 2 could have looked like

YouTube’s ‘Bitplex’ has released an incredible video, showing what a re-imagined 3D version of the classic 2D fighter, Mortal Kombat 2, could have looked like. Bitplex used sprites and screenshots of the game to extrude various components and create a true 3D environment from a static image.

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strayanalog1053d ago

Classic. That was pretty cool. In my opinion, with the sprites being altered in 3D like this proves that less can be more in the graphics department. Now I'm having a tough time not imagining this game on a larger scale with the space on a disk nowadays. That's a heck of a fighter!‎

ZombieKiller1053d ago

Totally agree with you. So does Ed Boon via twitter. I saw it on there and loved the video. Excellent work!

Gazondaily1053d ago

What a brilliant vid and great music

Sam Fisher1052d ago

I completely forgot jax still had his arms in this game, so he lost them in 3?

strayanalog1052d ago

Yep, in the third outing Jax is chosen to fight and gets bionic implants.‎
And with the continuity how it is, he later replaces them completely and then in the reboot (9, I believe) Ermac rips his arms off and then he gets ‎cybernetic arms.
And I am sorry for my overly long answer or "This Moment in Gaming History" lesson, Sam.‎

Sam Fisher1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Nah man thanks for the hella reminder, heres an upvote

Tankbusta401053d ago

Man I remember the days of playing this in the Arcade and on Genesis!

keegamer801053d ago

I played at the arcade also. At home it was Super Nintendo.It was the first MK title to have blood on the Super Nintendo. I would buy this day one.

PurpHerbison1052d ago

Wasted many a quarter on MK in arcades as a young boy. Arcade owners always had it set to the hardest difficulty I bet. I can't remember beating it in arcades, only at home.

milohighclub1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Would like to see a remastered version using the new character models in classic outfits. Mk community...

But seriously get this on 3ds or summer or as a 3d game on ps4

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