10 Games That Should Be Nominated for an Oscar

With the Oscars fast approaching, let's take a look at the 10 games that should be nominated for an Oscar due to their immense ability to tell a story on screen.

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JKSimmons324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Is this a joke? Why do games need to be put up for film awards?

Games are far better than what the film industry is putting out anyway.

Dawson308323d ago

Games are becoming way more cinematic now, when you look at telltale games and the recent POA game the line between game and film is starting to blur.

Darkwatchman323d ago

He’s saying that the gaming industry as an artistic medium has so far outstripped film by this point that to lump a game with a mainstream film awards show would essentially be degrading to games considering how much more effective gaming is at eliciting emotional responses from the consumer.

_-EDMIX-_322d ago

No it's not

the subject matter I would argue sure is getting closer to the type of stuff we see in film more now than it ever has before but the lines will never actually "blur" simply because gaming will always be something you're interacting with

a film clearly is not.

GamesMaster1982323d ago

You are right they don’t need silly Oscars. But also games can and do make bigger impacts than some movies . Take The Last Of is for example . The year that was released it hit me more than any movie did that year . Video games now are an amazing experience just like a great movie or a good book . And I for one welcome more excellent Sad/fun/exciting journeys .

AmstradAmiga322d ago

I've yet to play a game that impacted me or left a lasting impression as much as 2001 A Space Odyssey, Schindler's List or Shawshank Redemption. But then again when was the last time you saw heated debate over film pixel counts, framerates or who released it.

rainslacker322d ago

Games actually can get acadamy awards. They have some specific to interactive entertainment. The game in question has to be made from a studio that follows SAG rules for hiring actors and production standards though.

These awards aren't televised, and I've never seen them reported on in the gaming press....which I always found odd.

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strayanalog324d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Final Fantasy 7, Half-Life 2: The Academy just doesn't like sci-fi, so if something like Blade Runner can only grab a nomination‎ for their technical achievements then beyond that they would not rise. Best way to grab a big win would be to make it in 3D animation and hope Pixar doesn't make a film that year.‎

Alan Wake: A film comparison would be that of Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft, so a decent return at the box office would be all that would be allotted.

The Last of Us: Not oscar material, in my opinion. Probably a highly talked about movie for its year, most likely would get modest returns at the box office, critically loved, but that's about it. A sequel would be announced pretty fast, what with the current film climate.
(I am more than aware this is a "trigger" game for some, and defending comes fast, so if you disagree surely you can tell me why or the point I'm missing. My case is Children of Men and The Road, both closely related to The Last of Us. If Children of Men can't land a simple writing win then TLoU won't.)‎

Spec-Ops: The Line: If it were nominated for Best Picture it would lose. Case in point: Saving Private Ryan. Case against that point: The Hurt Locker.‎

Uncharted 2: If an Indiana Jones movie can't win, then Nathan Drake doesn't stand a chance. Let's say it would be a box office success with its humor and adventure.‎

Metal Gear Solid 3 and Gone Home: I wouldn't say Oscar material, but more like a Cult Classic. I'm not sure too many people would watch it.‎

Red Dead Redemption: Last time a western won Best Picture (unless you count No Country for Old Men) was 1992's Unforgiven. And Red Dead isn't Unforgiven. Red Dead would probably be fondly looked at by Western fans, because it's like a Spaghetti Western, but it's a huge stretch for an Oscar. I would love it to be nominated if it were a film, but considering how things are now it would get snubbed.‎

Dawson308323d ago

You make solid cases but i am a firm believer that the last of us would probably do very very well.

SolidGear3323d ago

Portal 2 should be there as well for writing

Segata323d ago

This is stupid. Gaming has it's own award show.

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