The ESRB's "Fix" to Loot Boxes is Complete Nonsense

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) finally has a solution for, the dreaded loot box controversy. Unfortunately, popular opinion is that it isn't good enough, not even close. In fact the ESRB's solution seems like a throwing the kitchen sink at the situation. With the creation of a new stamp on [physical and digital titles called, "in game purchases. Lumping loot boxes with, season passes, dlc, expansion packs, subscriptions, ext. Many see this as a lazy excuse to fix a serious problem, that many view as an introduction to gambling. Why, is ESRB's solution a half measure? What are some ways to approach loot boxes, that the ESRB seems to be missing?

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yellowgerbil232d ago

"We at the ESRB have heard you loud and clear, we are adding a new warning to games that have content. Now if you game has gameplay, story, music, loot box or other such forms of content parents will know with the new rating CONTAINS CONTENT"

opinionated232d ago

The ESRB doesn’t make solutions, it doesn’t make law. It’s a utterly useless ratings board. The popular opinion is an ignorant opinion. Especially the kind you prefer like banning things lol.

What is good enough within the actual authority of the ESRB? Using an AO rating because of “gambling”. They can’t do that because they would be sued for slander. Lootboxes do not fall into this regulation, they don’t meet the criteria. Okay we’ll change the criteria right? If you change the criteria with such a broad definition then Pokémon cards and arcade machines become gambling. That’s ridiculous, even more than our already ridiculous gambling laws. Sucking the life out of shit for no reason lol.

AO rating for “simulated gambling”? Harsh but ok.. if that makes people shut up (and it won’t). They demand legislation. That’s like inviting a vampire into your house lol. I think simulated gambling is M rated already though. I could be wrong.

So what’s the loop hole? How does it not fall into the gambling territory? The loot boxes are free. What you are paying for is time. Instead of playing 50 matches for an epic chest, you are skipping that process. You are not paying for a chance at a product, you are just paying for a product. Anything you get from that product is tied to that product. It’s yours forever, it can’t cashed out like chips unless it’s in game chips for duplicates and such. You not getting what you want does not put loot boxes in this gambling territory.

zeal0us232d ago

The ESRB is like any other organization, it can be brought.

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