David Jaffe's Studio Shuts Down

David Jaffe on Twitter: “Any So Cal gamers interested in owning some gaming history? Sadly we are shutting down our Bartlet Jones offices and there's some great props that we're trying to unload to folks who are into such things. Ex: Sweet Tooth's machete we used in TM2012 movies; Sweet Chick's mask,etc.”

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JaguarEvolved235d ago

That sucks. Wish Sony funded the studio to have them make another twisted metal title for ps4

Michiel1989234d ago

yesa, that means they could have done what JaguarEvolved said.

OT: David Jaffe had his time imo. He made some great games but his last games havent been on par with those. Wish him the best of luck and I hope he will make great games once upon a time again.

Frinker234d ago

And Sony owns Ratchet and Clank yet Insomniac are still able to develop it.........

morganfell234d ago

Jaffe may not have wanted to make another TM. Sony may have offered and he may have said no. We just do not have the facts.

NewMonday234d ago

sadly David Jaffe ideas are archaic, he did not evolve with the times, too stubborn to learn from advancement in game design.

Twisted Metal is a great concept that needs new ideas.

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spambot0815234d ago

regular twisted metal has no chance at this point but i can see a vr version to become successful.

combatcash234d ago

I agree. Honestly don't think TM would have sold well.

subtenko234d ago have a point if they wanted to combine motor storm with twisted metal...I really just want another motorstorm but I figure twisted metal could kinda go that direction and add VR at just saying u had a good idea with twisted metal and vr

PhoenixUp235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Drawn to Death just wasn’t that great of a game to keep the studio afloat

But dang David Jaffe. First you leave Sony to create Eat, Play, Sleep. Then you leave that start up company which later shut down. Next you make the The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency which itself also got shut down.

This man can’t seem to catch a break.

Kribwalker235d ago

he could never really replicate the success he had with twisted metal. i remember playing so much twisted metal 2 with my friends, switch between that and 4 player goldeneye on the N64 back then

SCW1982235d ago

Heard of a game call God of War?

Kribwalker235d ago

i totally had a brain fart and forgot he was behind god of war as well. i enjoyed the first two god of war games as well. He is still going on 13 years since he has created a successful new IP,

Segata234d ago


God of War was everyone else's doing around him. Pretty much everything Jaffe wanted isn't in the game. His ideas were not that good and he really had little to do with what made GoW so popular.

_-EDMIX-_234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

@seg- ? what are you talking about? You do understand that David Jaffe is the creator of God of War right? He is the director, he literally is the person that came up with the concept of God of War.....

So Steven Spielberg may have directed some of the best Star Wars movies but George Lucas is the creator of it's universe. I'm actually surprised honestly that you didn't know this, I would say that is one of the biggest things he's contributed to gaming.

So I have to wonder if you didn't know he created God of War what else don't you know? It seems like there is a series of things you don't really know or you're not sure of and you make the statements and a very easy Google can correct you... I mean this all could have been avoided by very quick search.

jjb1981234d ago

Gaming nostalgia, Thumper and axel were my favs.

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Omac_brother234d ago

FYI Bartlet Jones was an actual Supernatural Detective Agency before Jaffe joined. They just diversified into games when he joined.

No. I'm not kidding.

April_Marie234d ago

This is untrue. It was not a paranormal investigation service before he "joined." David created the studio with that title.

Source: I used to work there.

Omac_brother234d ago

@April_Marie. I stand corrected. I got my information from David Jaffe himself but it appears he was probably messing with me. Interview in which he told me that is here:

April_Marie234d ago

Thanks for the source Omac! Bartlet Jones is quite the enigmatic figure, right? ;)

Omac_brother234d ago

@April_Marie You have no idea how dumb I feel right now.

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madforaday234d ago

First of all don't make a PvP only game with pay to win mechanics. I was excited for the game until I saw how they were doing it, you don't start with all the characters, you need to literally level up or pay for them. Imagine if Overwatch was like that? He also half assed the PS3 version of Twisted Metal and also made most car unlockable for the online portion of the game. I do like him in general and loved his games before, it just seems he is out of touch now.

234d ago
pody234d ago

Maybe David Jaffe is the problem.

_-EDMIX-_234d ago

Absolutely agreed

I wanted to like that game but I just couldn't get into it sometimes bad games happen.

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AspiringProGenji235d ago

What kind of name for a studio is that?

Also he should just go back to Santa Monica Studios

The_Sage234d ago

Not sure they'd hire him back. A genius as he was to put out God of War, he always came off as a douche in me anyway.

madforaday234d ago

He just says what is on his mind, just like when you talk to your friends, David does the same with the media which not many people do with the media so it comes off like he is a douche. I would come off as something that I am not if I talk to the media on how I talk to my close friends. I personally like that because he doesn't hold back. He does have some opinions that I don't agree with but that has nothing to do with his personality. Personally, he just seems out of touch when it comes to the game market nowadays.

dcbronco234d ago

That's probably at the heart of the problem. Douchery and exclusivity can kill a stupid. That combination can only work on smaller games.

opinionated234d ago

He is an asshole to the press. That’s why we love him. Does it really bother you that he told kotaku to eat turds? I think he deserves a medal.

Segata234d ago

Don't give him credit for GoW. His ideas were shot down and the GoW you got wasn't really his ideas because his were awful and shot down.

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Segata234d ago

They don't want him back. Read this and then read a post by Ken. Former co-workers Both pretty much saying the guy is a prick and a hack and doesn't deserve credit for why GoW is so well liked.

_-EDMIX-_234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

??? I mean that's nice but I believe any co-worker could say something about anyone.

So you're saying he doesn't deserve credit for creating a concept and directing a game that revolutionized to hack and slash genre?

Please buddy get out of here that's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever read on here you're literally trying to say the person who created the series does not deserve credit for creating the series because you read some stupid Post online with no real information regarding what they're talking about.

Oh believe me I can make a fake blog post to about any director in gaming trying to discredit them....

Doesn't make it true it's simply makes you very gullible.

SolidGamerX234d ago

The kind that gets shut down apparently.

Relientk77234d ago

Hopefully Sony puts him back on Twisted Metal.

AnubisG234d ago

Honestly, this guy has not created anything good since the first God of War. I even question that GoW and TM was his idea and not his teams.

opinionated234d ago

Apparently everything was Jaffes idea lol. If you watch the barlog interviews he talks about how jaffe was anal about his “rules that can’t be broken” when it comes to story and characters.

Segata234d ago

Yup, it was the teams not him.

_-EDMIX-_234d ago

I agree that he hasn't created anything substantial after the first God of War but please do not question him creating the concept for God of War because there's multiple development videos of multiple of the directors talking about David being very passionate about creating God of War.

Trust me it is not something that was just created by a bunch of other people in David came in the way trying to pretend it was his, literally he came up with the entire concept of God of War....

AnubisG234d ago

So all that was in him is Twisted Metal and God of War......than nothing. Interesting.🤔

_-EDMIX-_234d ago

Lol I mean let's be honest that's still pretty significant.

I think any game director would be honored to create one iconic game let alone 2.

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