New Enhanced Xbox 360 Titles And Features Come To Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Its official! The Witcher 2, Crackdown, Forza Horizon and Fable Anniversary to be enhanced for Xbox One X

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Pantz2044d ago

Not only that, they added a graphics mode or performance mode option for all X enhanced BC games. Man this is awesom! Downloading the updates right now!

Abash2044d ago

Blue Dragon in 4k next please

timotim2044d ago

YES! The game already looks great, it would look crazy in 4K

mikeslemonade2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

BC is unecessary and waste of time feature.

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cyber_daemonx2043d ago

Mike has a point. When the best feature of a new console is playing old games its pretty sad tbh.

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Dragonscale2043d ago

@thrust, well it certainly isnt the lineup lol.

neutralgamer19922043d ago


i am a ps4 only owner but it's not a bad thing to have options. instead of looking at it through any other point of view why not l0ook at it as something MS has done right and hopefully others will follow. I want all 3 console makers toi learn from each other and make improvements because in the end we as gamers want more not less features/options

now sony has me covered games wise with more than enough support but i wouldn't mind being able to play ps2 games on ps4 without having to pay extra

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Wasabi2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

I saw that, It seems you can choose to render in 4K (9X the resolution of 720p) OR in a special performance mode that increases the framerate mode at the original resolution.

I wonder if this will let You run 60fps on games that were originally locked at 30?

Whats everyones thoughts?

littletad2044d ago

I wish I knew more about that. Does that mean that you lose the 4k mode when you run it in performance? I like that we get options, but they don't or haven't told us the full benefits or technical abilities of each.

TheCommentator2044d ago


From the article:
"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was enhanced for Xbox One X at the end of 2017, adding both a mode prioritizing 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, and another prioritizing 60 frames per second with dynamic scaling."

I assume that if XB1 games like Witcher 3 are able to double the frame rate with dynamic scaling that the Witcher 2 could possibly do both 4k and 60fps at the same time. Other stuff like better filtering, enhanced textures, and even HDR can be added to older games though so I'm sure it's more a developer decision as to what gets supported.

Obscure_Observer2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Witcher 2 and...

fable! Fable! FABLE!

Simply Awesome! Can´t wait to play it on the X! Xbox One X is getting ASTONISHING support!

Congrats and Thank You Xbox Team!

Gwiz2044d ago

I noticed there were 2 updates for Halo 3 and Gears 3,I couldn't find anything about it at that time.This is a great way of supporting your BC games though.
(A battle that Sony is definitely losing ATM)

theXtReMe12044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Yea, Mirrors Edge also got a new update. Microsoft said in an interview that when they add support for more titles , that other titles that they already enhanced for the X may also see benefits. So I’m guessing that is what we are seeing.

It is incredible how they are doing the 360 enhancements for the X. Some games rendered their texture mipmaps on the fly on the 360. So for those games, the emulator that they built for the X tells the game engine to render those mipmaps at a higher resolution. Which is why they are able to make the textures in those games look high resolution without going back and physically recreating them. Very cool tech, on top of the 16xAF and 4xMSAA... it makes these games look incredible in 4K on the X.

HDR can be drawn out of some 360 titles that originally used 10bit encoding(most used 8bit) in their rendering pipeline. Though they take those games that they can re-encode in HDR to the original developer to make sure that the HDR look is what their original vision was for the game. If not, Microsoft doesn’t do it. The developer has final say in whether or not the 360 titles that can support HDR, ultimately get it.

Pantz2044d ago

It's an update to the emulator for them to allow the performance/graphics mode option

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Software_Lover2043d ago

People must have forgot about this..........


I never did. It just took years to implement.

BigTrain2043d ago

You're right, I remember this as well.

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Minute Man 7212044d ago

Good. I have everything except Fable. Picking up that X1X soon

Wasabi2044d ago

I never played the original Crackdown as I only had a PS3 at the time.From what i hear its a great game.

Think I'm gonna download it on the X as a warm up for the upcoming Crackdown 3 release :)

ZeroX98762044d ago

I remember buying it for the sole purpose of the halo beta, but was pleasantly surprised by the game after I went and tried it.

opinionated2044d ago

I bought it for the halo demo as well and I ended up liking it more than halo lol. There is no story or whatever, it’s just pure gameplay fun.

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hamzilla2044d ago

Never played Crackdown on 360 is it worth it to grab it now?

timotim2044d ago

You better belive it. Very good game and now looks better than ever.

TheSplooge2044d ago

The first crackdown was the best imo. Hopefully the latest can live up to the hype!

giovonni2043d ago

Yes it is, the narrator is funny as hell. One time I died and the narrator said “ahhh well” as soon as I exploded into the air and landed in the water

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Wasabi2044d ago

I got the Witcher 2 free from Games with Gold a few months ago, Now looks like an ideal time to install it and start a new adventure :)

A great day for fans of the series.

Gman322044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

this is what i like about backwards compatibility games you owned you dont gotta pay i got crackdown free with gold along time ago btw anybody notice crackdown 1 now because of xbox one x enhanced patch looks like crackdown 3 gameplay from E3