Monster Hunter: World, One Month Later

To the surprise of anyone who’s played Monster Hunter in the past decade, Monster Hunter: World has become extremely popular, selling over six million copies. But that’s not all that’s happened in the last month.

CrimsonWing692033d ago

i've reached the 150 hour mark and I'm still loving it.


5 Years On, Monster Hunter: World Revitalised A Niche Franchise

Since its launch five years ago, Monster Hunter: World has made the franchise into one known around the world.

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Looking back to 2018 and the boss rushing of Monster Hunter: World

Richard writes: "Looking back to the release of Monster Hunter World in 2018 - Should you be playing it on Xbox, PlayStation or PC now?"

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10 Best Multiplayer RPGs, Ranked

Truly great multiplayer RPGs are few and far between, but this genre is home to some phenomenal titles from over the years.

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