Was the Michael Jackson / Sonic Conspiracy Theory True?

One of gaming's most enduring conspiracy theories asks the questions: did Michael Jackson create music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3? The answer may surprise you!

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pasta_spice232d ago

"THeres still no definitive answer"

Then what's the point of this article?

Saved everyone a click.

_-EDMIX-_232d ago

Exactly I like how they're like "the answer may surprise you"

Eonjay232d ago

First, its only a conspiracy theory to the douchebags at cheatcc
Second, they the story wrong because that is what cheatcc does.
Third, never before has a site contributed so little, even for an adwhore site like this. their whole point is to cheat at everything, even journalism.

Concertoine232d ago

On youtube theres a great documentary about it that points to there being some truth behind it.

CrimsonWing69232d ago

dude yes he did the music or at least contributed to it... the end.

sucike232d ago

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KwietStorm232d ago

All you have to do is listen to the extremely coincidental music yourself. Been plenty of YouTube videos for years. This article is a little late. Oh it's cheatcc.

Jls1232d ago

when I first heard this song as a kid i automatically assumed it was MJ.

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