Xbox Game Pass: Sea of Thieves, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Super Lucky’s Tale and More Coming in March

Hello, fellow gamers! Welcome to your action-packed March Xbox Game Pass update.

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Cyborgg233d ago

Thanks Microsoft. Now I can play all these games for $10 dollars on my PC 🙌🏻😁

Septic233d ago

Welcome to the Xbox family 😁

zomayoba232d ago

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Dark_Voyager232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Game Pass amazing. All for $10. Sony should axe PS Now and go back to the drawing board.

Native > streaming.

timotim233d ago

Good stuff, isn't it! Enjoy your time with Game Pass and welcome to Xbox...hopefully ill see you online in a few of these games...

Destiny1080233d ago

just use the 14 day free trial and save your ten bucks

_-EDMIX-_233d ago

Does a free trial actually let you complete a full game?

I'm just asking out of curiosity I have no plans to ever rent my games.

timotim233d ago

🤣🤣🤣The hater has been spotted! While Microsoft does have a 14 day free trail for you think games like SoT, RotTR, Lucky's Tale, Gears 4, and Halo Wars 2 can be completed in 14 days???

I can understand gamers taking advantage of the 14 day trial...but to go as far as encouraging gamers not to pay for the service is a bit much haha. There are some good games there. How bout you just let him see for himself...

233d ago
sinspirit233d ago


Yes. You can actually beat all of those in 14 days.

ZeroX9876232d ago

Can you activate the trial with Paypal? done it with many services by creating multiples paypal account to profit of multiples trials ;) Didn't pay for spotify for over a year of free trials, would gladly do the same for this.

timotim232d ago


LOL...the fact that Sea of Thieves is a online multplayer game only, with constant new items, quests and bosses means that is impossible haha. And then youre totally dismissing the MP componet in titles like Gears 4 and Halo Wars 2...but once you get past those, theirs about another 110 titles to check off the list haha.

sinspirit231d ago


Obviously, no one is talking about the unbeatable. You can't truly "beat" these types of online multiplayer. Try being less" captain obvious" when attempting to argue. Some things don't have to be said to be understood. You miss the point in an arrogant attempt to spew biased talk.

Who's talking about any titles other than the ones mentioned in the article? Oh, just you.

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MK24ever232d ago

It's for Xbox consoles only I think.

232d ago
MK24ever232d ago

Where you saw it was coming to PC? That would be VERY interesting, it would shake the PC gaming scenario a bit, maybe Steam would consider something similar, that would be a fantastic scenario to see.

Razzer232d ago

Games in Game Pass that are also Play Anywhere are available on Windows 10 PCs.

So all upcoming MS games and existing games like Gears Of War 4 and Recore are available through the Game Pass subscription.

MK24ever232d ago

Well, I guess it's just a matter of trying then :)
I'll see if I can register the Game Pass without having a Xbox One in the first place.

Razzer232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Here is the US link:

If you need to create an account, click the link below. Click Sign In and then click "No account? Create one."

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Obscure_Observer232d ago


Unfortunally you can´t. Since Game Pass is not avaliable on PC, you can only play first party games via Play Anywhere. You can´t play most third party games. Lol.

maybelovehate232d ago

Yep, which is unfortunate. Would be hard to work around. Maybe they could do it with a Streaming Service like PSNOW although then you just get a bad experience.

Razzer231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

"Since Game Pass is not avaliable on PC"

False statement. It is available on Windows 10 and will give you access to the Play Anywhere titles which will include all new MS published games.

Obscure_Observer231d ago


"False statement. It is available on Windows 10 and will give you access to the Play Anywhere titles which will include all new MS published games."

Where´s the link? Since Windows PC gamers CAN´T have access to ALL of Game Pass content like Xbox gamers do, how Game Pass is avaliable on PC again? Yes, Windows PC gamers can pay the same 10 dollars for a Game Pass subscription to only have access to a few titles! Play Anywhere titles! Nothing else! To say you can have access to a few Play Anywhere titles avaliable on Game Pass, doesn´t mean that the service is avaliable on PC.

You can´t tell your friends that Game Pass is avaliable for Windows PC gamers, then say next that they wouldn´t be able to play Rise of the Tomb Rider via Game Pass subscription! THAT would be false statement and a lie!

CarlDechance231d ago

But PC users are going to get access to all the new Microsoft games with Game Pass. How is it not available on PC?

Obscure_Observer231d ago


Because it´s not! You can´t access most third party games, 360 games, and soon, og Xbox games. PC gamers pay the same 10 dolars as Xbox One owners to get a fraction of Game Pass content. That´s why Microsoft (for all i know) is not advertising Game Pass on PC.

You´re subscribing for an Xbox One service! Don´t belive me? Try and reach Microsoft to complain on why you´re (as a Windows PC users) spending money on a subcription based service which doesn´t allow you to play State of Decay or Sunset Overdrive. Good luck!

CarlDechance231d ago

But if I subscribe and go to play State of Decay 2 when it comes out then I will be able to. I get what you are saying. You can’t get to all the stuff like on Xbox. But Game Pass is at least partially available on PC from what MS has said.

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343_Guilty_Spark232d ago

You won’t finish them all in a month.

BiggerBoss232d ago

Only a few are even worth finishing.

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lxeasy233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Rise of The Tomb Raider is simply amazing. Love that game.

combatcash233d ago

It really is great! Played it on pro, I can finally try it on the X. I'm curious to see the difference.

timotim232d ago

It looks amazing on my 4k OLED in native 4k mode...a real visual treat.

Kribwalker232d ago

the pro was mostly just a resolution bump, apparently the X version is the best version, there was talk it was better then the PC version in a lot of aspects

TheGadgetGod233d ago

Super happy about this announcement :) :)

Obscure_Observer232d ago


"Super happy about this announcement :) :)"

Yeah, me too! Square Enix is onboard! Hopefully, Hitman and FFXV will be avaliable on Game Pass soon! :)

CarlDechance231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

SE doesn’t own Hitman anymore. IO went independent and took the Hitman franchise with them.

Septic233d ago

Xbox Game Pass is just killing it. It's almost a mandatory purchase. Such a massively pro consumer option at that price. I expect that price to go up soon but as it stands, that's massive value for money.

Well done MS

lxeasy233d ago

I agree with almost everything you said. I do not think the price will go up anytime soon. It was years before XBL price went Game pass is still in its early years

Septic233d ago

Yeah here's hoping it doesn't. Getting more and more hyped for this

343_Guilty_Spark232d ago

It will go up because it’s not a sustainable price. $60 a year is like an introductory price

CarlDechance231d ago

I could see MS raising the price next year, but only a couple of dollars. Right now it is a steal though

Fragnum232d ago

I agree, I feel like I'm getting My money's worth from Gamepass.

Its costs the same as couple of cups of Starbucks coffee in the UK so I can't really complain.

Razzer232d ago

I doubt the price is going to go up anytime "soon". It just launched. I agree it is an awesome value.

King_Lothric232d ago

Killing it? Care to provide marketing data about that? Last time I checked, Sony and Nintendo are the ones killing it in the market.

Septic232d ago

Holy....what on EARTH does this have to do with Sony and Nintendo?

You want marketing data to explain why Game Pass is killing it with grrat offerings in its service??

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PhoenixUp233d ago

That was fast for Super Lucky’s Tale

timotim233d ago

What do you mean by fast? It's not about sales or time...I mean, Sea of Thieves will be there on day can't get much faster than that. It's about Microsoft providing games that will bring in new the gamer value for there $10 a month.

combatcash233d ago

Signing up in March can't wait.

PhoenixUp233d ago

Because Forza 7 isn’t on the service yet and Super Lucky’s Tale came out after that game.

I would’ve expected the former to come sooner to this service than the latter.

ZeroX9876232d ago

aahhh good point!
I would expect the game to come out eventually. Is Forza Horizon 3 on the service yet? that would be epic!

timotim232d ago

Not every Microsoft game is on the service yet...and nor is it suppose to be. Again, its about providing gamers with value...there is already about 115-120 games on the service right now...flooding the service with 200+ games is counter productive. They want to add games and take games away as time goes on so the gamer feels as if he/she is getting a good amount of games for their money each month.

Razzer231d ago

Super Lucky’s Tale wasn’t exactly well-received so it shouldn’t be a surprise considering it is doubtful it sold well.

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ZeroX9876232d ago

Other way around! take them a while before adding it! Every first party games being on the service at launch date is one hell of an epic feature.
But I do understand what you "really" meant by that post ;)