[Bosu Giant] Preview - Abandon Ship

Indie games have been the reprieve of many players over the last few years, when they want something that goes way out of the way, with games that often go for inspirations on elements that have worked out in other indie or AAA games, and that combination almost always comes out something that makes the soul of that studio very clear and Abandon Ship is such a case.

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nomaki237d ago

Been following the development of this through the developer's Reddit posts, exciting to see it become an actual game from the early prototypes.

friderino237d ago

I already expected a good game, but I confess I was surprised, the game is even better than I had imagined. I hope to continue to be surprised in the coming months as the game gets new updates.

Elwenil237d ago

Agreed, with the buggy quality we usually see on Steam's Early Access program, I wasn't expecting much but it's a well put together game. Fans of FTL should dig it, I know I do.