Hidden Message Found In Metal Gear Survive

James Martin writes: "What seems to be a hidden message has been found in Konami's latest Metal Gear outing, Survive, with a message that may be referring to Hideo Kojima's departure at the company."

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morganfell2332d ago

You can expect Konami to patch that out.

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naruga2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

ok i have nt played the game but this seems compeltely random ....Mercenaries s names have a starting letter SO what /??? and yes if they ill be placed with that order , yes it spells the name ...but why place them with that specific order ??? ...it seems very exagerated ....then we can just borrow letter from any point of the game and create messages ...idiotic

cooperdnizzle2331d ago

I don’t think you are smart enough to understand that it’s not just grabbing random letters. It literally says KJP FOREVER. In a very placed order.

indysurfn2331d ago

The question is, is this a cerebral campaign (marketing). I think so for the record.

Good job marketing department it went all the way up to number one on www.n4g.com for the record since at least yesterday. Which made me finally check today.

If it is a cerebral campaign they will leave it in. If it is not they will take it out. Time will tell!

indysurfn2331d ago

@naruga So basically you are telling us: "more along folks there is nothing to see here?"

We think it is intended at the least it is a attempt to get attention or respect to a past employee.

blitz06232332d ago

They will also sack the dev team or the people responsible for putting that in

No Way2331d ago

Nah, they'll put it behind a $100 microtransaction. Which leads you to the next bit of the story.. which cost even more.

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Vrabstin2332d ago

It says "Don't buy this game.".

strayanalog2332d ago

Stop playing around, Vrabstin! You know it says, "Gotcha!"!

Inzo2331d ago

There are four suckers who disagree with you.

Vrabstin2331d ago

Lol I guess people disagree that you point out there are people who disagree with me.

mafiahajeri2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I knew they were taking jabs at Kojima, those pricks are gonna milk one of the best video game franchises until it's dead.

I hope this game sells like shittttttttt

DragonDDark2332d ago

The hidden message is "KJP Forever".

Kojima Production Forever.
Read first. Comment later.

mafiahajeri2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Lool didn't see that coming xD love that little quote, good advice 👌

But still fu$k Konami

X-Alchemist2331d ago

This comment screams N4G, so many of you lot make comments on headlines and not the actual article.

aConIsDemocracy2332d ago

if you play it backwards it says "buy our dlc and microtransactions". Court case pending :)

DarXyde2332d ago

Rumor has it that if you take a picture of one of the zombies in game, it snaps out of its stupor, grabs you by the shoulders, and starts screaming "Get out!" at you.

But seriously, I think this is a genuine nod to Kojima Productions. They're known for subtlety and anagrams (Rat Patrol, anyone?). Whoever put this in there is probably going to lose their job. Kojima will probably scoop them up. They may have less money, but they also have far more freedom now. Ultimately, I think it was the best thing for Kojima's career.

DialgaMarine2332d ago

Guaranteed Sony is making sure Kojima has all the funding he needs for Death Stranding

subtenko2332d ago

"You need a billion? here take it, you need new hummer, here you go. Hows the game coming along? Great great, here is an extra 4 billion for making the game"

DarXyde2332d ago


Emphasis on "need" lol