March 2018 Video Game Releases

February ends next week, which means another great month of gaming ends and a new one begins. To keep you aware of everything coming this March we have a list of every video game releases this March 2018

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opinionated234d ago

Definite - far cry 5, sea of thieves

Maybe - dmc collection, ac rogue, agony

234d ago
Mr Marvel234d ago

I’m considering AC: Rogue on PS4, but I’m mostly just going to continue playing MHW & GT Sport while I wait for April/May when God of War, Dark Souls Remastered, Dragon’s Crown Pro & Street Fighter 30th AC all release on PS4.

paintedgamer1984234d ago

Fc5 looks much better than fc4... Im also really wanting to see what critics have to say about sot. This needs to be a huge hit for MS.

Fragnum234d ago

Attack on Titan 2 is a must buy for me.

IMHO The first game was a bit of an undiscovered gem, with great combat, a fast pace and an interesting story.

The sequel looks to include the story from the first game albeit told from a new perspective as well as content from the later series of the anime.

The ODM gear and flying melee based combat is super- fun and superbly violent, The propellent gas and Blade Sharpness management adding an interesting mechanic in a similar vein to the Monster Hunter series.

The weapon and equipment upgrade paths are also fairly in depth, with many branching skill trees , Monster hunter fans will feel right at home.

The sequel looks to right a lot of the little smaller issues wrong with the first game, as well as adding in a load of new content and features.

Its coming to PS4, Xbox One and is enhanced for the X and the Pro, Its also coming to Switch, Vita (In Japan) and Steam.

I highly recommend anyone that may have overlooked the first game to take a look at this preview video as I think this game may be one to watch, especially for anyone that has a passing interest in Japanese RPG / Anime style games or are a fan of the excellent series.