10 Developers That Have Never Made a Bad Game

Greysun from Twinfinite writes: “There are a ton of amazing developers who have created superb games, but a lot of these developers have had some rough patches, and there are some who are just consistent and always on their game.”

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FallenAngel1984328d ago

“With games like Chinatown Wars, L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Vice City Stories, San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV under their belt, Rockstar North knows how to deliver a great game.”

Rockstar North didn’t develop L.A. Noire, Team Bondi did.

_-EDMIX-_328d ago

Saw that too.

It's very questionable when you have an article trying to talk about development teams yet their actually uneducated on who actually made those games. 😂😂😂

Something is wrong when the comments have to correct you, I would argue it's easier to just read the comments to get a good sense of this than the article itself.

328d ago
thorstein327d ago

Oh, look, the ten people that are affiliated with Twinfinite downvoted you. Weird how it is always 10 downvotes anytime someone calls them out specifically. Lulz.

_-EDMIX-_327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

@thor- exactly ,why are they even mad? They're the ones who wrote an article without even researching even slightly who even makes those games..

I mean at this point it make more sense to just have me and Fallen just make our own list and thoroughly research the development teams as opposed to just writing an article based on assumptions.

To my understanding it was Rockstar San Diego that made Red Dead Redemption.

I'm also positive it was Rockstar Leeds that made Chinatown Wars

Even if somebody wanted to argue that Rockstar North gave assistance will Sony Santa Monica in many teams at Sony actually give assistance to various games, but we do not see "giving assistance" to a game as being the actual team that developed the game.

Microsoft has been known to have some of their team members give assistance for stuff like Dead Rising no different than Sony can actually be seen in the credits of some of their Developers for the Yakuza series or even the Metal Gear Solid series.

It is not out of the ordinary for a third-party sometimes to outsource certain team members if they need help. Rockstar North is no different but at the end of the day we cannot literally say Rockstar North alone developed a Red dead Redemption or Bully or LA Noire or anything like that.

If they want to talk about Rockstar North develop games in regards to them being the primary developer I mean that sounds like an interesting article but this sounds like a bunch of uneducated assumption. I mean they seem to have more disagrees than they actually do real logical reasoning on why they believe I'm wrong.

Keep in mind nothing is wrong with disagreeing everybody is fair to agree or disagree.

lex-1020327d ago

Same with Ninja Theory, Does no one remember Enslaved Oddesy to the West?

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lptmg328d ago

plus they developed a very bad game for the Dreamcast called Wild Metal Country, but I bet the guy who wrote this thinks Rockstar North started making games only 15 years ago...

coffeemaster328d ago

I wrote this and when I added Rockstar North to the list, I only counted games that were developed under the name of “Rockstar North.” Wild Metal Country was technically not a rockstar game

DogJosha327d ago

Put your personal opinion aside for a minute. DmC would be found on a top 20 most hated games list at a minimum, if not the top 10. I never even got into old DMC myself, although I enjoyed what little I played a long time ago, and I found it to be irredeemable. Gameplay felt poorly designed Donte was especially unbearable. Why are you putting games that the gaming community largely hates on a "never made a bad game" list?

mcstorm327d ago

Tbh this is subject to personal preference. I've never liked a rock star game but then loved over games lots of people have hated so this is just one guys opinion rather than a statement

_-EDMIX-_327d ago

@coffee- I'm sorry buddy but there's just no excuse for this actually research who makes those games because this is just riddled with inaccuracies.

Rockstar North never actually developed LA Noire you're thinking of a team called the team Bondi.

Nothing's wrong with making an article like this but if you're going to make a statement regarding a game a team developed you actually need to make sure you're even talking about the entire team.

This article basically ignores team Bondi Rockstar Leeds Rockstar San Diego and so much more

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DarXyde328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Sorry to quote you, but I'm only doing so because Twinfinite is being stupid (again) and I'd like as many people to see this without spending time going through the pages.

The list...

1. Sucker Punch
2. Retro Studios
3. Ninja Theory
4. Monolith Soft
5. Media Molecule
6. Team Ico/genDESIGN
7. ThatGameCompany
8. Kojima Productions
9. Rockstar North
10. Rocksteady

You have ads on your website and you STILL have page click-throughs. Eat me.

_-EDMIX-_327d ago

Exactly on top of that the article is just completely riddled with inaccuracies and literally misinformation they don't even know who develops these damn games.


This is the type of stuff that needs to be denied from being actually approved.

If you make an article it needs to be a single page if it's going to be a list as opposed to trying to abuse.

If it's a long article sure two pages is no problem but there's no damn reason why somebody has a list of something like this with multiple Pages for each individual item. If somebody wants to create a website that's devoted to this type of stuff I mean they're free to do that but I don't believe this website in general should be approving articles like this. Especially with the amount of misinformation on this article itself I mean dear God you could simply go on a Wiki or look at the back of the game you own to see who developed it to prove this wrong.

Rachel_Alucard327d ago

Media Molecule made a very forgettable game called puppeteer and I had no idea it even came out because they showed it back when PS move was being spammed and nobody wanted it. I personally did not like Infamous: Second son because they removed all the side quests and just made a smaller map then previous entries and just filled it with the same Ubisoft style collectathon crap. You can say these devs never made a bad game I'll say, but they've made at least few average games. Also DmC is garbage.

DarXyde327d ago (Edited 327d ago )


I have to disagree with you on Puppeteer. I thought it was a fun, whimsical game (but for the record, wasn't that Sony Interactive that made it?). Played it on Plus and enjoyed it.

Different strokes, I guess.

_-EDMIX-_327d ago

@Rachel_Alucard-"did not like Infamous: Second son because they removed all the side quests and just made a smaller map then previous entries"


Ummm ok. So confirmed you never actually played the game huh? Second Son is BIGGER then Infamous 2 by about 50%, but...I guess you know more then the developer. Check out the mark 48:11 please, that is the developer literally confirming the map is bigger.

No side quest? oh wow, this is just insane sooooo you literally don't know Second Son has side quest? "removed all the side quest" that doesn't look like "removed" to me.

No issue if you personally don't like it, it happens, but lets not lie about facts please, this is just sad and makes no sense. So literally lying about size or content when facts show otherwise.

Rachel_Alucard326d ago


Why are you in every single article ready to defend any given comment? What I played was worse then what I played in the previous entries. Leave it at that instead of going off in an autistic information dissection. This is a video game not a private investigation

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AspiringProGenji328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Rocksteady? Batman Arkham Knight was a dissapointment.

Deep-throat328d ago

It wasn't bad. Uncharted 4 was a big disappointment but it wasn't bad...

doos_vd_kak328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

haven't seen many games that comes near Uncharted 4 this generation.

doos_vd_kak328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece and it tears you to pieces which is always great to see :) 8 million plus copies sold. 93% score. Shame man, and you won't respond because you know whenever you comment, it's merely worthless dung

TallonIV327d ago

Agreed Uncharted 4 was a big disappointment. Really enjoyed 1-3 but 4 took a step back.

Razzer327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Amusing seeing those who are far from fans of PlayStation call UC4 disappointing. Funny, but not surprising

Rachel_Alucard327d ago

I agree with @Deep-throat and I don't care if everyone just cries troll or accuses me of not being a playstation fan. Game was just boring and the the revealed script change made everything worse. They had a trailer for the uncharted series released in 2013 that had Sam speaking as the villain before they changed everything. Really disappointed by that and the multiplayer requiring ungodly amount of grind to get anything.

AspiringProGenji327d ago


I know! It’s been a known trend since the game came out.


Ok that’s your opinion but really? A cancelled script made the final game worse? Did you really play the game at all? The final game was a solid one without henning. It is time to stop crying for what never happened

Rachel_Alucard326d ago


A cancelled script that was far more interesting by comparison to what we got. Everything in 4 is too by the books and expected. Only twists were minor and weren't shocking to me. I know you guys jump to the "You didn't play it" line every-time someone criticizes a supposed "GOTY" winner but this isn't a Krabby patty catch all world.

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chaos-emeralds328d ago

Arkham knight was amazing. What's wrong with you?

aarogree328d ago

A disappointment of a game and a bad game are two different things. A disappointment is a game that fails to live up to expectations. A bad game is, well, a bad game.

Rachel_Alucard327d ago

Those bat-mobile sections were really never-ending and they used them way way too much, and the reveal of the Arkham knight was a huge letdown.

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porkChop328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Ninja Theory made the trash DMC reboot. Rockstar North made some trash before hitting their stride with GTA and changing their name to Rockstar North. Rocksteady made Urban Chaos: Riot Response, which was also pretty trash.

Every dev makes a bad game. And if there's a dev who hasn't done so yet, one day they will. It's only human to make mistakes. Even Naughty Dog started out with "Math Jam" for the Apple II, followed up with "Dream Zone", back when they were JAM Software.

Segata328d ago

Don't forget Way of the Warrior from Naughty Dog. Easily one of the worst MK clones.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash328d ago

Naughty Dog didn’t develop WOTW Jam Software did 😁

lptmg328d ago

@Asuna nope, Naughty Dog made that game. Not only that, but the guy who directed it was Crash and Jak's own Jason Rubin...

SurgicalMenace327d ago

Way of the Warrior was, in fact, a parody of Mortal Kombat. It was never meant to be taken seriously. Lmbo I loved everything it did when I purchased it at 11.

jmtstan327d ago

@Asuna, back when Naughty Dog was called JAM, they made these games.

SolidGear3327d ago

Way of the Warrior is classic though. I've been wanting to play it since it was in development.

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_-EDMIX-_328d ago

Agreed, agreed and agreed.

aarogree328d ago

DMC wasn't trash. It wasn't great, but it was far from trash. It's marred by annoying characters, but the combat is fairly solid, the levels are gorgeous, and the story could be one of the best in the Devil May Cry series, but then again it never was big on story to begin with so that's not too difficult a feat.

Cyro328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

DMC reboot is actually good. Don't knock it down before you try it.

porkChop327d ago

I do have the game. I really didn't enjoy it. The visuals were great, but everything else fell short for me.

SolidGear3327d ago

DmC is awesome and everything Rockstar has developed is crap except for the Red Dead series and they helped with L.A. Noire which is amazing too.

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Segata328d ago

Sucker Punch, Second Son is awful it suffered from what so many open world games suffer from, little variety and just a checklist of icons on the map. Ninja Theory made Kung Fu Chaos and the terrible DmC, Rockstar, State of Emergency was trash. Before ANYONE says Naughty Dog...Way of The Warrior exists. As much as I love Monolith, Xenosaga II wasn't great and Project X Zone games are not good. I own both.

SurgicalMenace327d ago

You guys are aware that those games were "bad" because most of them were self funded, right? If you've ever owned your own business, it is a fact that your first outings are rough ones. So they are not bad, just underfunded. Look at them now. If half of people would realize that it takes money to make money, they'd be better off. What's bad about putting out your best efforts to become great?

Segata327d ago

You don't need millions to make a good game. You need millions to make a bigger budget game. If money determined if a game is good then Undertale would be a pile of crap.

Rachel_Alucard327d ago

It takes time and talent to make money. You can make fantastic low budget titles if you are smart about it and manage your time. Self publishing has nothing to do with it if you just look at many of the popular indie games we've gotten over the years.

SurgicalMenace327d ago

Look at computing now compared to then, you might as well have been developing in the dark compared to now.

Knushwood Butt327d ago

Playing Second Son now and it is far from awful.

Little variety is a valid comment but game is enjoyable and well made. Looks great too.

KillZallthebeast328d ago

i love a few devs, but they aren't immaculate all of them have made 1 bad game. They usually learn from it.