Publishers now view games as ‘platforms,’ and that’s a problem

Video games are evolving, but if AAA publishers have their say, the game you buy on launch day could turn into something you no longer want a few months down the road.

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Derceto236d ago

People still care about "faceless game #18412489134798" coming from "AAA" publishers these days? Wow.

opinionated236d ago

I agree. Good for some games bad for others. It’s not hard to see why the globally owned corporations are doing that though.

That’s what makes games like biomutant so great. It’s by a new studio called experiment 101 and it’s just 20 veterans going back to basics. I just watched the pcgamer presentation yesterday and it looks great. Most hyped after god of war.

GamingAngelGabriel236d ago

I am very excited for that game. More cats in games, please.

Chexs1990236d ago

Agree on the biomutant thing. A bit worried about God of War though. I'm hyped, but I'm afraid of whether or not the core gameplay experience is still there, or if it's "just" gonna be the last of us with an axe and Gods

opinionated236d ago

I share your sentiment but I’m a mythology nut and Norse is one of my favorites. If it ends up just being a “story game” then at least it’s something I’m interested in lol.

Chexs1990235d ago

Haha I'm prolly gonna love it either way, since I love mythology as well. I do however think it would be sad if what makes up the core of it would be lost though :P
One of the reasons behind me making all diff runs in the old games (except Ascension, because f**k Ascension ;) ), was because of the fluent flow throughout.

If the pacing is changed, it could be a slower trod. Not that that is a bad thing in itself, but it would prolly keep me from multi-runs :D

opinionated235d ago

Yeah, it’s definitely a slower pace than before but I don’t see it being as slow as the last of us. Plus it’s reassuring knowing that it’s linear but with wide levels so there is a good amount of exploration. I’m hoping it won’t be “follow the hallway to the next battle area” but it doesn’t seem to be like that from what I have seen.

psuedo236d ago

I personally think it all stems from Counterstrike Source, and the life on that game with all the different server variations and game modes was godly.

Gun game, zombies, prison break, surfing, RPG servers, there were plenty more it's just been to long :'(

Emme236d ago

Actually, I would prefer to call these games "systems" instead of "platforms", and its nothing new. Warhammer, TDE/DSA, Shadowrun, AD&D etc all the same principle, launch a base game and build an ecosphere around it.

TheOttomatic91236d ago

Not all just the really bad ones like EA, Activision, MS etc.