LucidLAN: Warhammer Battle March Review

This year the Xbox 360 has seen a lot of encouragement in strategy games being released on the console with titles like Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, Supreme Commander and others so that consoles can benefit and experience the game-play that PC users have. Now is the time for Warhammer: Battle March from Black Hole Entertainment to complete the circle.

The big issue which occurs when creating a strategy game is to make the complex mouse and keyboard control panel work with two hands and a controller which although Warhammer: Battle March made a lot of efforts… the controls are not it's forte. The game uses the current trend of strategy games on console and pops up radial menus so that you can quickly choose units and commands. It's not that the controls are not good structured and easy to use… but it will take longer to learn it well for game controls and troop commands.

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