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Rob Pitt writes: Going off the title and marketing image, you would be forgiven if you believe that Suicide guy, from Chubby Pixel, was a game about being unable to cope and looking for a way to end it. However, that’s only partially true as the game has nothing to do with depression or feelings – it’s a story of a simple man trying to wake up and save his beer. Are you interested yet? What if I was to say that in order to save your beer you must find fiendishly clever ways to kill yourself from dreams within you dream as that’s the only way to force your body to wake up. Deaths which are the outcome of solving 26 puzzles including well-known environments such as Portal and Super Mario’s world. Believe me, it about as crazy as it sounds but not without flaws. So, come with me as I try and explain just how good this game actually is!

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roadkillers327d ago

Part of me thinks this is complete garbage, the other part says this looks like one hell of a game.

rob-GP326d ago

That's what had me intrigued to play it! Truth be told, it feels like an early access game on PC that's been ported over to console - If you have played Shoppe Keep on PS4 then it's like that! But underneath the clunky controls and un-polished world - it's a decent puzzle game.