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"Bayonetta and all her over-sexualized poses and winks to the camera have finally found their way to the Nintendo Switch. While the game originally released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 way back in 2009, and then again on the WiiU some five years later, it was a game that many were shocked that it ended up on a Nintendo Console in the first place, let alone getting a system exclusive sequel on the same day. With the upcoming release of Bayonetta 3 being yet another Nintendo Exclusive, both Bayonetta and its stellar sequel are here and they are now portable and are just as cheeky as ever. " Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming

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rlow1243d ago

Good game, lots of great action. I'll probably get it again for the switch.

AnalogStickGaming241d ago

It's so fun playing this on the go. Definitely worth it!

DivineAssault 242d ago

Once i see a sale ill get it.. I still own the wii u version i bought at launch.. Not paying $60 again

AnalogStickGaming241d ago

I hear yah. I bought the 2nd one for WiiU when it was around $40 and just never got around to playing it.. Traded that in towards this collection.

deafdani241d ago

Same here. I haven't bought any of the Wii U ports for Switch because I don't feel like paying full price for games that I've played relatively recently (past 5 years).

However, for those people that never played those, go for it! Bayo 1 + 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the upcoming Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze are all awesome. :)

jagermaster619242d ago

Definitely worth a purchase if you have never played it! Well even if you have I got both for $51 from Amazon so it's worth it either way.

AnalogStickGaming241d ago

It's a blast. I am almost done the 2nd game, being my first time through it as well. So fun!