IGN: LittleBigPlanet Review

Chris Roper from IGN states in his closing comments "As you can see, I had a ton to say in this review, but that's because there's a ton to this game. LittleBigPlanet is a massive game, one that is essentially two parts intertwined so well that they're practically inseparable. Media Molecule has created a brilliant platformer, and then given you the tools to recreate the whole thing over again, or better yet, to create your own ideas from scratch. It's not perfect - the controls could be tighter, automatically shifting between planes can be problematic, the editor isn't quite as robust as you might hope - but what's there is nothing short of astounding. If you own a PlayStation 3, you cannot miss this. If you don't have a PS3 yet, this is the reason to get one."

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beast3683d ago

Enjoy instant classic

Bangladesh3683d ago

Good review. But not what I personally enjoy.

bumnut3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

you are not allowed to say things like that on this forum.

you need to support ps3 or you will get disagrees

i got disagrees earlier for saying i am going to ingore reviews and make up my own mind on the game

SL1M DADDY3683d ago

"If you own a PlayStation 3, you cannot miss this. If you don't have a PS3 yet, this is the reason to get one."

Liquid Dust3683d ago

Im so very happy to be a PS3 owner right now, 2008 has completely washed away all the doubt and worry that I had about the system fall of last year. There is so many fantastic things happening with the PS3, and Im hoping more people will buy the system and join me online.

Great year for gaming

Time Lord3683d ago

this could of easly got 10 if MGS4 and GTA4 didnt get 10

jamenees3683d ago

that quote really says it all. I couldn't imagine not owning a ps3 and seeing this game sitting on a shelf.

sackboy says hi3683d ago

its offical, u need to by me when i come out... :)

ign is the most NONE bias site around ;)

when kotaku writes crap about me dont pay attention to them.... :)

dont u just love me..... :)

sackboys says bye me day1 when i come out, if u dont have a ps3 go and by 1..... sackboy is very happy with this review.. :)

Bubble Buddy3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

LBP :). October 21st is way too far away. :(

nbsmatambo3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

where r my 10's!

nwayz good review will be piking this up 1st day

GOTY 2008

karlostomy3683d ago

why this game is such a big deal

It's a 2d platformer.

Could probably run on wii hardware.

I will need a better (or succession of better) reasons to buy a ps3.

Just saying.

CIO Caveman Trolls3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

LittleBigPlanet: So Easy A 6 year old Trolls Can Do It

Sarcasm3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )


The amount of physics calculations will burn the Wii's processor. And you are missing the biggest point of the game which is user-created content.

And if MGS4, GT5 Prologue, Wipeout HD, SOCOM, Resistance 2, White Knight Chronicles, Killzone 2, LBP isn't a reason for you to get a PS3. Then I don't see anything else that will.

Bigrhyno3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

"why this game is such a big deal

It's a 2d platformer.

Could probably run on wii hardware."

You can do more with it than just 2D platforming, and when has 2D platforming ever been a bad thing.

And if you think it can run on a Wii... you either have no knowledge of technology or are an incredibly huge fanboy (I am going with the latter).

If you were to say, "Sounds good, but not my type of game."... well that's fine. But trying to belittle a game just because you don't like it (or maybe it's the console) is stupid, when obviously it has something going for it when many people and reviewers view it so highly.

joydestroy3683d ago

yup, another AAA title exclusively for the PS3. keep 'em coming!

ape0073683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

man I want this now

can't wait,this game is a breath of fresh air

me want this now

AAA exclusive and a console\generation defining game

must buy,sack boy ftw

mfwahwah3683d ago

Hmmm. I think I could write a 10 page essay in response to your comment.

You're just a fanboy though, so instead I'm just going to wish you the best of luck with your consoles of choice.

I'll be fine playing my PS3 with all of it's killer exclusives being released this year and next. Have fun with Gears 2, Fable 2, and ... Hmmm. Uhhh. Banjo Kazooie?

himdeel3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

...I have to say this review is spot on. I cannot wait to play the full retail version of this game. My short experience with LBP was excellent and the game was absolutely fantastic!

Creating levels can be a bit overwhelming but it's still a lot of fun. I personally had the most fun when I was playing and creating levels with another person. My wife was my beta tester :) we had a GREAT time running through levels together and the create mode was SUPER. I can only imagine the additional fun I'll have when my son is old enough to play and those days I babysit my nieces and nephews.

If I didn't already have a PS3 this would be the reason I'd buy one for the holiday season. Day one purchase for me!

chaosatom3333683d ago

* littlebigplanet facepalm*

DaTruth3683d ago

I've been looking at other games, but I know I will not play them between this and Resistance 2. I'm actually a bit worried I won't be playing much of R2 on account of this game.

Homicide3683d ago

A great score. This was a very well written review. Looks like the PS3 got another must-have exclusive. Good job MM.

mercyless93683d ago

I've played the beta version and it feels fantastic. Ive never played any anything as pleasant, calm and relaxing as LBP. the music is soothing. this games deserves at least a 9.8 in my opinion

juuken3683d ago

Poor karl.
Unless you do research on the game dear, I suggest you not call it a 2D platformer.

Lanoire3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Two of the highest rated games in 2008 are also two of the highest rated games ever. And exclusively only on PS3.

PS3 is now confirmed to be the best console ever with the best line up ever seen.

GOTY contenders.
Mario Galaxy

My money is on LBP with MGS4 being PS3s goty.

Jamegohanssj53683d ago

Nice score, but I don't understand why didn't lasting appeal get a 10? That would have boosted the score up to about 9.7.


mega BIG time3683d ago

that isn't that excited for this game

LastDance3683d ago

1.10 karlostomy - cop a load of the guy who wasnt around for the snes era. hahaha. "just a platformer" HAHA!!

go play gears of war..'the first title to have a cover system'.

MNicholas3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

because I don't like shooters, don't have time for RPGs or GT5 (despite enjoying both) but this game has changed my mind.

Really incredible concept and near perfect execution. I'll soon have a beautiful black PS3 to sit next to my Wii. The physics and graphics alone are worth $460 since they blow away everything on any platform. But more importantly this is the first game I've seen in a long time that I could really get interested in. In addition to the aforementioned benefits it has unmatched depth and brings a genuine sense of unlimited possibilities to gaming.

mikeslemonade3682d ago

Dammit this kills any chance for LBP to overtake the Zelda metacritic score. If any game should be Zelda then this is the game to do it because it isn't generic at all.

karlostomy3682d ago

I seem to have ruffled a few feathers in the sony fan camp.

No matter.

My comment stands.

2d platformer
possible on wii hardware
uninspiring to me.

The above points are all true. whether you like it or not!

3682d ago
thereapersson3682d ago

The Wii is incapable of calculating all the necessary physics interactions in this game, not to mention when you get around to designing the larger levels, their sheer complexity would probably freeze the Wii because the Frames Per Second would drop so low.

You can have a platformer with simple tools on the Wii, but if you want a game as in-depth and POWERFUL as the Little Big Planet building engine, get a PS3.

karlostomy3682d ago

I have seen the videos of LBP.

It is 2d with some nice physics effects.

It would be easily possible on the Wii.

Maybe without some graphical sheen, though

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eric1003683d ago

but 9.5 is still an awesome score


Overr8ed3683d ago

ign!!!! you disapoint me!!!! J/K nice score tho. This game is better then GTA 4 (yea i said it) so i dont know why its a 9.5.

CEO of Troll Corp3683d ago

LBP AAA Godly status GOTY contender confirmed.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3683d ago

Bet you if it was a xBox 360 Only game it would get 10/10 from everyone!!! :-/ I despise the internet!!!

(9.5 is good tho!) ;)

BLuKhaos3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

M$ Elite gimp squad has been owned again.
lol silly bots

rawd3683d ago

Gameplay magazine - 9.5/10
ITavisen magazine 6 / 6
Maxi Consolas 10 / 10
4Players 92 / 100
Playstadium 10 / 10
VG 6 / 6
GOONL!NE 10 / 10
IGN AU 9.2 / 10
IGN 9.5 / 10
aftonbladet 5 / 5
Dagbladet 6 / 6
Verdens Gang 6 / 6
Elite Gamer 10 / 10
Evereye Italia 10 / 10
Eurogamer 9 / 10
Meristation 9.5 / 10
HardGame2 10 / 10 9 / 10
Gamereactor 10 / 10
Pelaaja Finland 10 / 10
Playstation Official Mag UK 10 / 10


too bad for the xbots that M$ couldnt bribe MEDIA MOLECULE.

enjoy your bribed dlc, $hooter$$ and mediocre multiplatform$$$$$.

Next gen STARTS NOW.

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eric1003683d ago

Bring in Resistance 2 and motorstorm 2

which will be AAA as well

^_^3683d ago

||xbabies are waiting for banjo kazooie they think it will be better than LBP lol lol lol||

HighDefinition3683d ago

But w/ that said 9.5 is a GREAT score.

I`d would have thought a 9.8,9.9 should have been given.

-GametimeUK-3683d ago

Lower than expected? Its 9. feaking 5 for gods sake... I was expecting a 9 to be honest... High scores are thrown around WAAAAY to much when you hear someone say a 9.5 is lower than expected...

HighDefinition3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

You MUST not be able to read. I explained myself afterwards.

Edit: Let me put it this way, Re4 got a 9.8, GTA:SA got a 9.8, SOTC got a 9.8, LBP should get a 9.8 or a 9.9

AGAIN, with that said......9.5 is a GREAT (again, for Gametime) GREAT score.

drtysouf 213683d ago

have been a 9.8 or 9.9 or even 10.

-GametimeUK-3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

you still said its lower than you expected... 9.8 , 9.9 is obviously lower than 9.5 so there was NO need for explaination in the first place...

Comparing LBP's score to last gen games isnt a valid point either since times change and reviews have to be written with the current hardware in mind... For example RE4 wii edition scored lower than than RE4 because its starting to show its age despite RE4 wii edition being the superior version...

but yeah 9.5 is an amazing score...

Genesis53683d ago

10's would be great. But 9.5 is a pretty solid vote of confidence.

Montrealien3683d ago

A review score should ever be what you wanted it to be, it should only be what it is. What you give it, is what really matters though, to youself.

eitherway, the game is getting great scores accross the boad, I can`t wait to sink my teeth into it.

sackboy says hi3683d ago

i cannot run on the wii, i need a very powerfull console that has loads of disc space to store all me and my frends and our levels.

beign a sackboy is not easy but the ps3 is making life easy for us, if we were on the 360 we would have been compresed and it is not comfortable beign compresed...u will not understand bcuz ur not a sack boy... ;D

and u dont need any reason to by a ps3 bcuz we all know ur a 360 fanboi who is just trolling and cannot stand the fact that i am GOTY ... :)..


:O... i bet u never tough something as cute as me could be rude... XD

TheExecutive3683d ago

Yeah, I expected mid-9's for this game. For all that it is doing a 9.5 is a miracle. Games and genre's that have been refined for 2 generations of console gaming are lucky to get a 9.5. It is a miracle for all that it does and all that it innovates that it makes it to a 9.5. Bravo MM.

Ninja-Sama3683d ago

why the big name sites will not give this a 10 is simply because they already dished out 2 perfect scores for the year with MGS4 and GTA4!

Guess they think that their credibility will be thrown into doubt if they give yet another perfect score but I rly think that this is one game that deserves it.

DaTruth3683d ago

It deserves an 8, I took off 2 points for variety. This game has a whole sh1t load of variety. Far, far too much variety.

And for those that won't get it.<SARCASM>
I don't want to lose my bubbles

jerethdagryphon3683d ago

i totally agree but think if you were in a 3d plush form being compressed (hugged)by a loving owner wouldnt be so bad

ChrisGTR13683d ago

9.5 is a good score. yea gta4 did get a better score but look at the diffrences.

eric1003683d ago

But you know it is a PS3 game and so it would get less than what it deserves

Ofcourse mOst eu reviewers will give it 10/10 no doubt

thereapersson3682d ago

A game that is a true innovator in its own class, vs. a game that has been done before 5 games previously.

Look at the differences indeed.

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-GametimeUK-3683d ago

Almost IGN's 3rd 10/10 in 08... It deserves a 10 more than GTA4 but doesnt deserve the 10 more than MGS4... MGS4 is still the king of 08

TheColbertinator3683d ago

I agree with you Gametime.MGS4 was just too much gaming goodness this year.Kojima hi the ball out of the park with that one

vickers5003683d ago

^^^ MGS4 was story goodness, not gameplay goodness.

josh3rdegree3676d ago

i still think mgs is the king of 08 but two types of games lbp should have gotten a 10 for the type of game that it is but av 9.7 is great