Burnout Paradise Remastered - First Official Screenshots

Electronic Arts has released the first official screenshots for Burnout Paradise Remastered

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Chaosdreams238d ago

Never got to play this the first time around so I'm optimistically enthusiastic about this. Despite the shadow of EA lingering nearby. *glares*

slappy508238d ago

Same here! I see everyone have high praise for the Burnout franchise so Id like to give it a try to see what it's about.

nix238d ago

I wish they re-made Burnout 3. Now that was the real Burnout game. Last month i booted PS3 to replay this game... gave up in 15 mins. It's obviously fun to play for the first time though. Have fun.

MoonConquistador238d ago

You'll love it if you like a good arcade racer. It has a good mix of races and takedown challenges etc.

I'm in no rush to replay it so will maybe pick it up at a later date for the right price.

DaMist237d ago

@nix you know when they first released a demo for this back in the 360, i freaking hated it. i wanted something closer to 3 or revenge and i just did not give it a chance for the longest time. I couldn't get used to the "open world" setting they had, i was confused on how races and crashes were set up, anyways months went by and i just had this arcade racing itch that i couldn't scratch, so i gave it a second go. man, i'm glad i did. racing up to the lights to start a race or a challenge became second nature, as it did starting a crash fairly "on the go". also, up until this game, i had never had as much fun hoping online with my brothers who lived in a different state, and just blast through the entire city doing stunts, unlocking new areas and cars and the like. it was awesome. this is just my opinion of course, but paradise was the last great arcade racing game of that gen and for me it hasn't been topped yet.

Forn237d ago

Look into Onrush as well.

slappy508237d ago

@Forn never heard of it but watched a trailer, looks great will certainly keep an eye on it

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Princess_Pilfer237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Burnout Paradise is fundamentally broken, in a way that isn't obvious if you aren't into arcade racers for the actual racing, or aren't looking for it.

The open wold city gives up specifically designed track layouts, and the "only the start and finish line matter and how you get there is irrelivant" nature sounds good in theory, but in practice and combined with ramming other cars being a big focus it means one well timed sideswipe sends you careening down the wrong street with 0 hope of ever closing the gap, and it's even worse online because players get good at doing exactly that.. Also, the lack of direction or checkpoints along the race sorta means you just have to drive about hoping you've picked the best/a reasonably quick route rather than being able to focus on the actual race until you've memorized the best route for every race, at which point the computer doesn't stand a chance anyways.

It controls better and looks better than other burnouts, but the decrease in track quality and lack of focus on actual racing in favor of pathfinding and general chaos mean it's the least good at the best thing about the series, the racing.

Dragonscale237d ago

Agreed. I preferred the other burnouts and wasn't keen on the open world, it made races a pain in the a55 tbh. They also took out crash mode, sacrilege.

GMEN718237d ago

This was my only complaint of this otherwise fantastic arcade racer.

Princess_Pilfer237d ago

It's my only complaint but it's a *huge* complaint. IT's the make or break factor in wether I'd recommend Burnout Paradise or Burnout 3. If you really, really want adult hotwheels, get paradise, if you want an actual racer, get burnout 3.

bahabeast237d ago

i cnt wait. i had soooo much fun with this game on ps3.

237d ago
roadkillers237d ago

Great, remaster this game, it is an awesome game. Please EA, Ramake Burnout 3: Takedown, one of the greatest games.

Obelisk92237d ago

That game sucked me in for years. All of it was top notch: graphics, gameplay, music... a remaster would make me feel young again.

roadkillers236d ago

Man, did I misread that beginning sentence. Yeah, my favorite racer of all time followed by Project Gotham.

chris235237d ago

was this ported to the wrong console? i thought only the switch is getting last-gen ports? this gen is at its lowest at the moment,

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