Video Games’ Superhero Problem

Superhero games- with the exception of Rocksteady’s Batman- have the disposition to suck.

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Hardiman609d ago

I have a strong feeling Insomniac's Spider Man is gonna be amazing and buck the trend as well!

opinionated609d ago

I can’t get excited about it yet. I liked the old games but the footage so far looks like you barely control the character. I’m ok with set pieces and all but they haven’t shown any free swinging or anything like that. I don’t even know if it’s open world or not. It just looks heavily scripted so far and I hope it’s not like that the entire game.

XbladeTeddy609d ago

They've shown him swinging around the city and have said it's open-world. It's all there on the internet if you look.

opinionated609d ago

I know they have shown him swinging but not in the open world. I have seen those videos and it doesn’t show an open world. It’s cinematic is my point. Control made Arkham great, I agree with the article.